Here is where it all begins…..

Our Three Littles – Ian, Olive, and Lucy


What you are reading is an experiment.  An experiment in starting something new, documenting it, and hopefully, meeting great success.  And, in this case, the trick is in defining success.  

Here is what success looks like to us, at this time in our life:

  • More time with our family; Less time working outside the home
  • More time in nature; Less time indoors
  • More doing; Less screens
  • More learning; Less spending
  • More mindfulness; Less neglect 

Intentionality.  This is what we seek – connection with our kids, with our land, with the creatures of this earth.  

So, after recently moving into an adorable bungalow in a wonderful neighborhood, we’ve decided it is time to truly set down roots, settle in, and start seeing some of our dreams and visions come true.  We already have three beautiful children and a wonderful home.  This blog is where we will document our journey towards an urban homestead with the ultimate goal of living off our (nearly) quarter acre of land and (hopefully) sharing some of its bounty with others in our community. 

Let’s get started!
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  1. Glad you found me. Welcome!

  2. Here’s a kindred spirit to you that I found online years ago. -

    Hope you enjoy!

  3. Just stumbled across your blog. I love your intentions and chronicles of seed-starting and raising chicks! As an apartment dweller, I can only manage container gardening so far, but I want chickens eventually. I’m excited to read about your experiences.

    • Thank you so much for the comment! Someone recently requested that I do a post on container gardening for people living in apartments. I might just have to do that! Chickens are great. When you get the opportunity, do it! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Found your blog via Feeding the Soil. My husband and I live in the east valley! and also have ties to local food, my husband is co-owner of the Chow Locally CSA program. Anyway, we need more people doing what you’re doing in Phoenix, rock on!

    • What a small, small world! Feeding the Soil is a great blog. I feel a kinship with Sara as I, too, am an TFA alum and strive to be a “crazy” organizer and goal setter like she is (keyword – STRIVE). And you did get a beautiful blanket from her!

      Also, in a past life (circa 2006), I worked on The Farm @ Agritopia, which I know is a contributer to Chow Locally! I also live very near to “The Bee’s Knees,” which I know, at least at one time, was a location where you could pick up food. So, there you have it! Connections all over the place! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you continue to. Your blog is in my reader now!

  5. Great little blog! We live in Las Vegas and are homeshooling our 9 chlidren. We’re at the beginning of our homesteading journey. It’s wonderful to see the success of other desert-dwellers!

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