magimix Review and Giveaway

Magimix Review and Giveaway! A $499 value!


Greetings faithful readers!

Recently I was given the opportunity to test drive a new food processor.  But wait just one minute….. it wasn’t just ANY ol’ food processor.  I was given the opportunity to try out the magimix 16 cup, 5200 XL food processor - .  And what a treat it was!

Read on to hear more about my experience and to learn how you can enter to win one of your own!

magimix 5200 XL

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I cook a lot.  I try and make as much from scratch, in my own kitchen, using whole ingredients as I can.  One thing that can make my job a lot easier is a good tool or appliance.  So, when I was given the opportunity to try out the magimix food processor - , I was pretty excited.

The thing that most excited me about the magimix - is its vast array of attachments and accessories.  The first thing I did with it was grate cheese.  You see, for some time I’ve been using a simple grater like this - and while it works pretty darn well, it can get tiring (and painful!).  I used to buy pre-grated cheese, but then I learned that there are wood chips in that pre-grated cheese - .  No thank you!  I’ll grate my own, thank-you-very-much.

Other accessories that this version of the food processor comes with include:

  • 2 blades
  • 3 bowl sizes
  • dough blades
  • grating discs
  • slicing discs
  • blender attachment
  • egg whisk
  • citrus press


Every attachment that I’ve used has been amazing, but I have to say that the grater discs are the most used.  However, I’m also partial to the citrus press (makes juicing citrus SO easy and quick, especially since I was using this -  before the magimix came into my life) and dough blades.  I mean… dough blades?  This thing will knead your bread for you!  I know most of us make our own bread, so this is a pretty awesome accessory.

I’ve found the magimix to be heavy duty and incredibly durable.  Its safety features are great and its simplistic design makes it easy to use, simple to clean and highly functional.  Every time I have pulled it out to use (which is pretty much daily), I am continually impressed with it.

History and Background of the magimix

The Magimix by Robot-Coupe food processor is made in France.  Introduced in 1971, it was the first domestic food processor made available for home cooks.  What this means is that the Magimix is basically a commercial grade appliance readily available for home use.  How cool is that!?


Magimix by Robot-Coupe stands behind its product and now offers a 30 year warranty on its food processors.  It comes in 12, 14 and 16 cup versions.  You can also get various attachments that are sold separately.  Right now I’m saving my pennies to pick up one of the juicer/juice extractor attachment. I’ve been wanting to buy a juicer, but why buy and store yet ANOTHER appliance when my Magimix can do it all?


So are you sold?  Thought so.

Now, here’s the really, REALLY, good news.  You have the chance to win one for yourself.  Here’s what you have to do:

  • Leave a blog post comment letting me know which attachment (listed and pictured above) you think you’d use the most.

And for extra entries:

  • “Like” magimix on Facebook - .
  • Follow magimix on Twitter - .

That’s it!  Pretty simple, right?  Be sure to head on down to the rafflecopter widget below to submit your entries!

Good luck!

Disclaimer: magimix provided me with a free food processor to review.  However, I wasn’t under any obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.  I’ll opinions are my own.  They are also providing the giveaway product to one (U.S.) reader free of charge.

a Rafflecopter giveaway -

A winner will be chosen via This giveaway ends at 11:59PM on Tuesday, September 30th, 2014. The winner will be contacted by email, and will have 48 hours to respond. There is no purchase necessary to win. This giveaway is open to US residents.


Standard, legally required, Endorsement Disclosure: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog.


  1. NorthernMrs says:

    The grater disc definitely. My fingers would be forever grateful!

  2. I’m not sure if I would use the grater or the slicer more.

  3. I like the egg whisk idea. I make a lot of egg dishes!

  4. Tammy B Price says:

    Definitely the slicing disc. :)

  5. I think just the blades. But nice to have the others.

  6. I would likely use the citrus press the most. I am always juicing citrus by hand. But with a machine like this I’d imagine it would all be used all of the time.

  7. This would be a perfect time for me to win. Our Cuisinart lid broke. We had it since we were married, and it was used often. I like the grating attachments best. They are great for vegetables

  8. Definitely the cheese grater. I love fresh grated parmesan.

  9. Kat Stapleford says:

    I would definitely use the blades for my boys feeds (gtubes ) and canning … graters a close second

  10. Ryann Waite says:

    The citrus press is awesome, I could make so much juice with that attachment! I just have a cheap manual citrus press and some seeds get through, so this would be awesome!

  11. I would have to choose the blender attachment

  12. Shannon Neil says:

    Not sure if I would use the grater or slicer more. They both would make my life a little easier.

  13. The blades for sure, though I’m intrigued by the juicer!

  14. The cheese grater would be the one I would use the most

  15. The blades would be my most used but the citrus juicer would be awesome! Just found your site looking for homemade candy corn – thanks for the awesome recipe!

  16. Karen Ostrom says:

    The dough blades and the citrus press

  17. The cutting blade, great for hummus and pastry dough alike!

  18. I’d love to try out the citrus press. Fun!

  19. Dough blades would be the winning ticket for me. Hate kneading dough.

  20. Love the dough blades!

  21. I agree, the cutting blade would get the most use.

  22. i would use the grater and slicer disks and try out the dough one.

  23. From your post, I’d say the grating & slicing discs. I have seen that they also make specialty blades and I’m interested in those, too.

  24. I would use the dough disc the most.

  25. I would use the grating discs the most from the attachments mentioned. This would be awesome addition to my kitchen!

  26. Dough blade. Pizza on the grill is a favorite dinner at my house during the summer.

  27. Due to dietary restrictions, we make 90% of our foods from scratch. I make bread once a week and the dough blade would be awesome!

  28. Nancy Brett says:

    Every thing :-) 😀

  29. I would use one of the blades most often to make 1 ingredient banana ice cream! so good :)

  30. grating disc

  31. I would use the bread hooks because winter is coming and it is time to get some bread in the oven. Saying this as a mom of five kids, definitely has a second implication…love this!

  32. I would use the dough blades the most.

  33. I would use the grating discs the most.

  34. I would probably use the blender most often for making sauces and soups. I would definitely love to try out the bread kneading attachment though. It would probably get me into making more of my own bread!

  35. I have a dehydrator so I would probably use the slicing disks the most, to slice up fruits and veggies for chips!

  36. Shari Remmenga says:

    Slicing disc!

  37. The grating and slicing discs would be wonderful! My food processor is on its last leg. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  38. the juicer/juice extractor attachment

  39. I’ve never actually owned a food processor and I love the idea of having an easy way to grate large quantities of veggies or cheese, so I think the grating disk would be most used. I’ve also always wanted to try a food processor for making pastry… not sure which attachment is best for that, but it would be fun to figure that out. This looks like a great tool!

  40. Emily Smith says:

    I would probably use the slicing attachment the most

  41. I am most excited about the citrus press attachment.

  42. I think I would use the dough blades the most. It would save so much time when making bread. With both my husband and I having to work full time jobs this would be super awesome. However, the slicing blade would be a VERY big benefit for me also (just ask the finger that is missing a chunk) I tend to be pulled in so many directions at once after work that I lose concentration sometimes and my fingers near blades is a BAD idea!

  43. Rosa Grigsby says:

    I would use the slicing discs more because I’m always baking pies.

  44. The juicer attachment would be wonderful. I get so many lemons when my tree fruit and I don’t want to toss them so I juice them all by hand and freeze to use later….this would be a lot faster.

  45. Cindy Stewart (cindyzs) says:

    dough blades, slicing discs, and the blender attachment! thanks so much for the chance to win this great kitchen tool :)

  46. you sold me on dough blades!!! we live in a tiny house so everything has to be multifunctioning! this is perfect!

  47. i like the juicing attachement

  48. The Dough Blades sound like a lot of fun! I have a lot of recipes to try them out with!

  49. Deanna Church says:

    Grating disc

  50. I’d probably just use the standard blade the most.

  51. I’d definitely be using the grater often. I love cheese but not grating by hand!

  52. I will use the heck outta the cheese grater~!~!~! Save my knuckles~!~!

  53. I would love them all! But I think the grating disk would be used the most!

  54. Cindy Freeman says:

    I would probably use the grating discs the most.

  55. Debbie Epps Kennedy says:

    Aw, this would be wonderful….I’d use the juicer/juice extractor attachment often if I had one…

  56. I would likely use the largest metal blade the most.

  57. Julie Deuvall says:

    I LOVE the citrus press and would definitely use the dough blade very frequently! This looks like the best food processor ever!

  58. I would use the blender attachment the most.

  59. The grater discs!

  60. OMG How to Pick !!!??? I’d use them ALL ! I garden and can and freeze and dehydrate. They all would be used all the time ! But if I had to pick…Oh Darn, I’ll have to flip a coin !!! My pick is …the Base…Then I can have ALL of the attachments ! OK…But WAIT !!! I just saw the OTHER Attachments !!! OK…I’m Drooling !!!!
    My Pick IS…the Bowl with All the different Blades ! There !

  61. Stacey Roberson says:

    I would probably use the blender attachment the most.

  62. The slicing disks!

  63. The blender attachment looks wonderful!

  64. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would use the blender attachment most

  65. The grating discs. I have to grate by hand and its time consuming!

  66. The juicer/citrus press. It maybe the dough blades would push me to make more bread :)

  67. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    i think the grater would get a lot of use for bulk cheeses. The slicer would also be a favorite for slicing veggies,

  68. The grater attachments.

  69. JoAnne gessell says:

    Blades and discs

  70. Susan Roragen says:

    I think the citrus press. I often let lemons go to waste rather than juice them by hand and freeze the juice for later. :(

  71. GRATER!

  72. GRATER!

  73. I would use the slicer a lot.

  74. carol easterday says:

    its a toss up between the grater discs and the dough blades I would probably use both those equally. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  75. I’d use the grating discs most for cheese and such.

  76. Definitely the grater! I love to grate cheddar blocks and freeze them for cooking later. Thanks for the chance to win!

  77. I will use the citrus attachment very often, my hand gets sore twisting it
    Thank you for letting me participate in he give away
    Have a nice week!

  78. Since my zen place is when I am baking the dough blades would be used the most. Baking is my zen place and my kitchens flour covered nightmare. Eh it is a fair trade off in my opinion.

  79. I would use the grater the most as we eat a lot of grated veggies and cheese, works for dried bread too, so many uses. My favorite is parmesan cheese and I do not like the stuff in the canister.


  80. Definitely the grater disc. I buy raw cheddar cheese but it only comes in bricks! I’d love to be able to grate it easily!!

  81. I would use the citrus press!

  82. ooo, I’ve never had a citrus juicer on a food processor before! I bet that would get the most use!!

  83. Angel Nance says:

    I’d use the basic blade the most, but the shredder would be really useful, too!

  84. Kaya Haskin says:

    I would use the standard chopping attachment the most. It can do so many different things!
    Fingers crossed! 😉

  85. I would use the grater most, but I like the juicer too!

  86. The grating discs for sure. Am I the only one tired of grating by hand??

  87. I would definitely use the blender attachment the most.

  88. I think I would use the citrus press the most, living in the south, we make alot of our own juices, lemon, orange, grapefruit, Thanks for the chance!

  89. I would love the slicing discs. Awesome giveaway.

  90. I would use the slicing discs

  91. The slicing discs!

  92. Stephanie KL says:

    The 16 cup capacity sounds wonderful. I have an 11 cup food processor that I’m finding is too small for some of my recipes. I look forward to a larger version.

  93. I would probably use the slicing attachment the most…. sweet potato chips anyone!

  94. It would be a toss up between shredding disc and dough attachment. Most likely dough attachment as I like to make pies and breads.

  95. Erin Edwards says:

    Dough blades?!?! Sounds amazing!

  96. I think that I would use the grating discs most often.

  97. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would use the blender attachment the most.

  98. I think the dough blades would come in real handy for my bread and pizza doughs.

  99. I would live the grater attachment, it would make life easier!

  100. The dough blades for sure. I make pizza and breadsticks at least once a week, not to mention biscuits, pie crusts, and regular ol’ bread. I have a ninja that has dough blades but its not large enough to accommodate the 2 batch doughs i have to make for my family…so i end up having to knead it by hand, which is great for keeping those bingo wings at bay, but geez could i use a break! 😉
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  101. I would use the grater attachment the most.

  102. candy fortner says:

    I would love to try the juice extractor attachment. As much fruit as we consume, that might be a nice alternative and then I could use the pulp to make into bread and pancakes

  103. Darlene Bona says:

    I’d use the citrus press the most! (or the small grater.)

  104. Darlene Bona says:

    I’d use the citrus press the most… or the small grater! :-)

  105. I would use the regular blade the most, but would love to try the dough blade.

  106. It’s a tie between the slicer and shredder. :)

  107. Raw foodies over here, well We would use the grater attachements..our food processor is on its last leg here at the homestead! A new one would be a blessing!

  108. Definitely the shredder disc.

  109. I’d love to try out the slicing discs.

  110. I would use the juicer attachment the most. But I imagine I would find uses for all the different attachments!!!

  111. I would so love the citrus press

  112. Colleen Boudreau says:

    The blades!

  113. I’m sure I’d use the grater blade the most, but all of them would get a good workout in my kitchen. :-)

  114. ra thompson says:

    grater/slicer/blades…dough hooks/juicer…
    not necessarily in that order…looks like a great machine!

  115. I would use the cheese shredder the most often, but would love to try out the slicing blade also!

  116. My family loves fresh homemade bread so I would definitely use the dough blades all the time!

  117. Debra Beeuwsaert says:

    I would use the cheese shredder the most as I could then buy blocks of cheese and have it shredded. This way it would be less expensive shredding my own cheese.

  118. I would definitely use the grater for cheese…I also buy my cheese by the block and grate it myself. It melts much nicer and seems to last forever without molding compared to already shredded cheese.

  119. The thick slicing attachment is the one I’d use most.

  120. I’m sure the standard blade is the one I’d use most (it’s the one I use most on my thrift-store-processor now), but what I don’t have on mine is the grater/slicer attachments. I’d love to be able to do onions, cheese, carrots, cabbage, etc. with those!

  121. blades most but am real excited to try the juicer!!!

  122. I would definitely use the dough blades the most! My oldest just started college, and he was my main dough master.

  123. Cindy Norred says:

    I LOVE to cook – I’d use ALL the blades sooner or later :-)

  124. I would most likely be using the dough blade the most. There is a lot of bread and pizza dough making going on at my house.

  125. Pamela Gurganus says:

    The attachment I would use most is the dough blade!

  126. I hate the food processor I currently have and actually have it in a box to donate to a local charity’s yard sale! I would use the grating disc the most, probably – although there are many this one has that I have never used, so I might have a different “favorite” if I get the chance to try them all!

  127. I think the grater and the dough blade would be my top ones. Always making bread and it would free me up to multitask while its being kneaded!

  128. I’d use the grater discs the most.

  129. The grater disk and the dough blades for sure.

  130. Shelly Merrill says:

    I would love this and to use the grater!

  131. Being as I have arthritis in my hands I would LOVE all of them! As far as what I would use the most I think it would be the dough blades as the only thing holding me back is the kneading!

  132. I would probably use the grater disc most

  133. The grater and shredding discs.

  134. Deborah Droste says:

    The grater and slicer disks would be handy during canning season.

  135. Sara Mandal-Joy says:

    I’d be using the grater a lot!!

  136. Gosh, really hard to pick just one but I guess the slicer disc.

  137. The citrus press would be awesome!

  138. sherree tedder says:

    I would slice so many veggies!

  139. I would like the grater.

  140. Alicia Randon says:

    The grating disk would definitely get a lot of use.

  141. Casey Brown says:

    The grating blades would make my life easier!

  142. The juicer attachment!

  143. My family eats gluten-free (among other things) and my favorite thing to do is come up with “one dish” muffins and I also bake all of our bread. Since I currently do not even own an electric mixer, I mix all of our loaves by hand with a wooden spoon. It gets tiring! So I can say honestly, I would definitely use the dough attachment the most, lol!

  144. I bet I would use the grater a lot for cheese and veggies

  145. The citrus press! The whole thing sounds amazing great review..

  146. I just found you can make pie crust dough with the dough blades! I would love that! :)

  147. Dough blades!!!

  148. I think I would use the dough blades the most-yummy breads. I love to bake so in the end-everything would be a close tie =0)

  149. Kaitlin miller says:

    The slicing blades and dough blade

  150. I think I would use the dough blades the most-yummy breads. I love to bake.

  151. I think the grater would come in so handy!

  152. Well, I’m sure I would use the mixing blades the very most, as I love making pestos, salsas, and dips, but the citrus press would come in a very close second, because I use lemon & lime juice in practically everything!

  153. I would love the grater! It would be allot easier to chop things up!

  154. All the attachments sound great but I do bake a lot so I would probably use the dough blade or egg whisk most.

  155. Clare Lewis says:

    They all look awesome. Would use them all but would use the slicer and grater discs the most. Thank you for this great give away.

  156. I would really love to win this. I have a great blender, but I see so many recipes that use a food processor, and don’t have one. I would use the grater and slicer attachments the most, as I am tired of scraping my fingers using manual ones!!! I could then give my blender away to my daughter, as she is going through a very hard time right now, and needs one.
    Thank you for this opportunity, and for the great recipes!

  157. the slicing disk. Would be great for slicing foods for the dehydrator. Thanks for the chance to win this <3

  158. If I have to choose just one attachment, it would probably be the blender but all of them look amazing.

  159. I would use the slicer blade the most. ^_^

  160. I would use the dough blades!

  161. I’d use the juicer attachment most.

  162. Pauline Turner says:

    I would use the citrus press first thing! Nothing better than fresh juice!!!

  163. The slicer would probably get the most use but the dough blade might give it a run for the money.

  164. The slicer would probably get the most use but the dough blade sounds like fun.

  165. Slicer or dough blade its a toss …all attachments are great and so useful Uggg all of them …lol

  166. A toss between them all they are all so useful !!!

  167. I think I’d use the grater disk most.

  168. My first pick would be the blender for our morning smoothies, but I’d probably save up for the juicer attachment as well!

  169. I love the whole deal but I think I would use the grater attachment the most. I grate my own cheese and hard-boiled-eggs (for egg salad), onions (grand tear-makers), lemon, lime and orange peels, potatoes for fresh hash browns, and anything else I can think of to grate to make it mix/cook easier and faster! 2nd choice would be the blender as I make a lot of blended fresh juices, too!

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