6 Online Slots Machines Cheats That Players Used

When slots were first invented in the early part of the 19th century, they were quite easy to manipulate due to their mechanical nature. It didn’t take gamblers long to discover that applying uneven pressure to the lever that activated each spin could actually influence the result of a slot spin. Even powerful magnets could lead to favourable spins, due to the magnet aligning winning symbols together. Slots could be manipulated right up to the creation of virtual video slots. Now the only way a slot can be fixed in their digital format is if a computer programmer with inside knowledge, had access to the innermost workings of slots, including the Random Number Generator microchip. It is however impossible to cheat a virtual video slot at an online casino when you are playing on a device of your choosing. Since virtual slots cannot be cheated physically, there are other more subtle ways in which you can cheat a modern online slot game without breaking the rules as you play at Daisyslots..

1. Casino Hopping 

Seasoned gamblers will understand the intricacies of online casino welcome bonuses. They all come with strings attached but most can still work in the punter’s favour. If you join as many online slots casinos as possible, the free casino bonus cash can really mount up. This also gives you the best chance of withdrawing some free cash too. 

2. RTP 

RTP stands for the Return To Player percentage and each slot has a score that is attributed to it. This is usually measured over a large number of spins. High RTP games that score over 96% tend to payout the best, but in frequent small to medium winning amounts. It’s up to you what to choose, just use reliable resources to find out more about games with good payouts for yourself.  High scoring RTP games are more likely to return a fair percentage of your staking cash back to you over time. 

3. Avoid Jackpot Slots 

Jackpot slots are tempting to play but they are usually hard to land and end up eating up your casino balance. The worst of the lot for not returning a generous part of your stake back to you are the progressive jackpot slots. Experienced gamblers give these slots a wide berth. 

4. Bonus Codes 

 Signing up to sites that specialize in casino bonus codes can help you get free spins and no deposit free spins. You can always check to see if your favourite casino participates in such schemes. 

5. Casino Races 

Many of the larger casinos now regularly run casino races and these are tournaments that revolve around certain chosen slots. The aim is to top the leader board and prizes include free spins, new tech such as phones and of course free cash with no wagering requirements attached. 

6. Free To Play Games 

Lots of casinos run free daily games for their regular punters and you can bag yourself some free spins, free slots bonus cash with no limits on how much you can win or withdraw. These games mostly come in the shape of random wheel spins.