Interesting Facts about Flowers You Didn’t Know

pink petal flowers

Flowers are the most beautiful part of nature and an essential part of any important event. With their beauty and lovely scent, flowers have beguiled humans for centuries. Some flowers even have religious and historical significance, for example, Lotus. Historically, flowers have had a significant role in human society and were used … Read more

Types of Grass


Maintaining a thriving green lawn might appear to be laborious and taxing. However, it is not true in every case. Maintaining green and healthy lawns requires a schedule involving regular mowing and periodic application of fertilizer. If you do this with care and diligence, your lawn is good to go. While the … Read more

How to Avoid Problems While Growing Carrots at Home

Fresh carrot bunches in open air market

Carrots are among the top vegetables gardeners and homesteaders want to include in their garden plants. It’s one of the most common crops in the world. As you already know, carrots are pretty much nutritious and versatile – they can be added to many different kinds of dishes, soups, and even cakes. … Read more

Top Reasons to Have Home Grown Parsley

Pasta dish topped with parsley

Parsley is one of the culinary world’s most popular herb yet one of the most underutilized by most home cooks. It has a unique flavor profile that is earthy, mildly bitter but can balance savory dishes and brighten flavors. In addition, the subtle, refreshing scent of parsley makes it usable for anything, … Read more

Top Tips for Properly Watering Your Plants

Watering plants with a sprinkler

No matter what color of your thumb is, you already know that plants need water to survive and reach their full potential. This common and basic knowledge goes back to elementary science class. But what you might not know is that there is a right and wrong way to water your plants. … Read more

Easiest Medicinal Plants to Grow Indoors

Basil, sage, and thyme are indoor medicinal plants

Cultivating medicinal herbs indoors is helpful for the homesteader. It increases the homegrown herbal remedy ingredients all year round. Plus, these herbs are not only applicable for home remedies – most medicinal herbs can be used for culinary purposes as well. Benefits of Growing Medicinal Plants Indoors Windowsill herb gardens were once … Read more

Tips for Growing Indoor Tea Garden

Herb plants on the windowsill

When you need to relax and take in something hot, but you’re not in the mood for some coffee or hot cocoa – a cup of freshly brewed tea sounds better. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can grow your own? Tea leaves can be grown in your garden if you live … Read more

Why We Should Grow Strawberries at Home

Strawberry plant with fruit

Fresh strawberries are pretty awesome. A bright red, ripe, juicy strawberry is one of the most irresistible fruits Mother Nature can offer. Of course, it’s very much appreciated when turned into desserts and jams. Not only are they pretty to look at and delicious to eat, but also their health benefits are … Read more

Why You Should Grow Coriander at Home

A basket full of coriander

Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is an aromatic herb commonly used to flavor international dishes. This polarizing herb has a recognizable pungent aroma, and some people love its taste, while some find that it tastes like soap. The coriander plant is native to many countries around the world and is widely cultivated in Europe … Read more

Benefits of Having a Thyme Plant at Home

Thyme on a white cloth

There are a few things that a sprig of thyme won’t make better. This herb blends well with a lot of flavors and is packed with health-promoting vitamins, compounds, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Considering how much you probably use it in the kitchen and for its various medicinal uses, it is better … Read more