Ultimate Solutions for Hard water

Ultimate Solution For Hard water

Hard water is a common issue faced by 90% of Americans. Water that contains a higher ratio of dissolved minerals is termed hard water. The US Water Quality Association defines hard water as water that has more than 1 GPG (grains per gallons) of hardness mineral deposits; in most cases, calcium and … Read more

Which Produce to Buy Organic

Which Produce to Buy Organic

Recently we were doing some research on what produce we should buy organic versus that which we might be able to save a little money on and buy conventional. We know a lot of you would say to buy everything organic, but others of you will be able to relate to my … Read more

Making Homemade Deodorant

Making Homemade Deodorant

We have been interested in making homemade deodorant for a while.  Have you? We are not much of a conspiracy theorists but putting that much chemical on our armpits every day and chemically clogging and controlling sweat glands just doesn’t seem like a good idea when you think about it rationally… you … Read more

Immune Boosting Elderberry – 20+ Articles

Immune Boosting Elderberry

Many people live in a house with small children.  Germs and minor illnesses are unavoidable. Given our propensity for sickness around here, we have been wanting to learn more about the immune-boosting elderberry plant.  In our search for information, we found tons of great resources.  If you’re like us and have been … Read more

Herbal Sleep Tea – The Ultimate, Effective and Easy, Recipe

Herbal Sleep Tea

We have been buying brands of sleep and stress teas like these – Yogi Tea and Celestial Seasonings Herbal Tea. They seem to work well and are tasty, but when you’re buying pre-mixed blends, you are (generally) wasting money and have less control over the ratios of herbs, specific herbs and the … Read more

What does “Certified Organic” mean?

Certified Organic

Have you ever wondered what it really means when something is “certified organic”?  It is one of those things that we all think we are pretty sure about, but have you ever researched it?  So, we took on the task of researching and here’s what we found out. What does “Certified Organic” really mean? In … Read more

Water Kefir: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned

Water Kefir

Were getting all kinds of involved in fermentation over here on our little homestead. You see, while most of you are out there planting, harvesting and enjoying the great outdoors, those of us living in hotter locations are locked in our houses huddled under the nearest air conditioning vent.  So, as any … Read more

Homemade Natural Cleaners – Getting Started

Homemade Natural Cleaners

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know we like to do things as naturally as possible.  One area that this is especially true is when it comes to cleaning a home.  Homemade natural cleaners are one of the best DIY projects.  Are you ready to get started with … Read more

Types of Flour – Understanding Different Wheat Flours

Types of Flour Understanding Different Wheat Flours

So exactly what is the difference between “all purpose” and “whole wheat” flour?  Lets see if we can can provide some guidance on the different types. Types of Flour It turns out that the United States is unique in that it produces several hundred varieties of wheat.  Most countries who produce wheat … Read more

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms.  You either love them or you hate them but are they healthy? The definitive answer is YES, mushrooms are very healthy.  The health benefits of mushrooms are numerous. Health Benefits of Mushrooms As you can see from the graphic above, there are many health benefits of mushrooms.  However, not all mushrooms … Read more