Goddess Garden Sunscreen Review

If you are like many people during the warmer months, you probably do a lot of outdoor activities on your homestead. These could include gardening, constructing, chicken chasing, kid wrangling, etc. When you’re out in the sun for hours at a time, you want to be sure you and your family are protected,

Gardening, in specific, keeps me outside most of the weekend, especially this time of year.  Protecting my skin from the sun when out in the garden is an essential part of my routine.  Using a safe, natural, organic sunscreen, like Goddess Garden Organics is a great way to protect your self and family.

Protecting Your Skin from the Sun

There are a lot of ways you can choose to protect yourself from the sun when in the garden:

  • wearing a wide-brimmed hat
  • wearing long sleeves
  • avoiding the sun during it’s the most damaging time of day – generally, 10 am-4 pm

But nothing can beat the power and protection of a good sunscreen.  However, did you know that most sunscreens on the market contain dangerous chemicals?  If you are strict about growing naturally and organically, why would I refuse chemicals on my plants but slather your body with them?

Finding a Good, Safe Sunscreen

It can be hard to find an effective, natural and organic sunscreen. Most of what is on the market contain harmful and even dangerous chemicals, such as Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Retinyl, and others.  Why are these chemicals harmful?  Consider this:

  • Octinoxate is a hormone disruptor
  • Studies have shown that Oxybenzone may behave similarly to estrogen and may actually be a contributing factor to the RISE in melanoma among those that wear sunscreen. (For more on this, read here)
  • Retinyl, a form of Vitamin A, may actually INCREASE your chances for skin tumors when exposed to the sun. (For more on this, read here)


Goddess Garden Organics was started in 2004 by a mom, Nova Covington, who wanted to protect her daughters safely and effectively from the sun.  Out of this desire, Goddess Garden was born and is now the fastest growing natural sunscreen brand in the U.S.

All of their products are certified organic and use only zinc and titanium as their active ingredients.  These types of sunscreens are considered “mineral” sunscreens.  They work almost like a mirror and reflect the harsh, damaging rays off of your skin.  This is great news, since pretty much all the other sunscreens on the market contain harsh chemicals that are absorbed into your bloodstream and may be detrimental to your health.  (To read more about chemicals in sunscreen and why mineral sunscreen are probably better, check out this article)

Note: Goddess Garden uses non-nano zinc and titanium in their lotions and sprays.  The average particle size is 120nm. The range in particle sizes is 100nm to 130nm. Most definitions of “nano-particles” are under 100nm. 

Goddess Garden – Organic Sunscreen Products

Anytime its sunny, it necessary to wear sunscreen daily, especially on your face.  Check out Goddess Garden’s Daily SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Continuous Lotion Spray.  When spending prolonged time in the sun (like this past weekend at the zoo), you can use  Sunny Body Sun Screen on your self and the kids.  Both provide SPF 30 and exceptional sun protection.