Growing Great Tomatoes – Part Two

So, my “Growing Great Tomatoes” post is the post that has seen the most traffic so far since we’ve started this blog.  There are probably many reasons for that (one of which is certainly that my lovely friend Lauren linked to it), but still, it seems to be a topic that people are interested in.  With that in mind, I have come across a couple of things that I thought would be good to add to the post.

#1: Here is a link to a Mother Earth News article on making your own tomato cages

#2: Here is a link to a FREE e-book on growing great tomatoes.  I have not read it, but it MUST have SOMETHING useful in it and it is free, so you can’t lose.   How to Grow Successful Tomatoes

#3: I planted two more tomatoes today in the front yard and as I was planting them, I realized there is something that (perhaps) everyone doesn’t know about putting them in the ground.  That is, right before you plant them, you should snip off the cotyledon and first set (or two depending on the size of the plant) of true leaves and then plant the plant up to the point of the first set of leaves that are left.

Not rocket science, but hopefully some good information that someone out there can use.