Homestead Fail – The Day I Licked a Goat and Lived to Tell About It

Happy Friday everyone!

What’s new with you?

So… I have a “homestead fail” to report.  This is most certainly NOT my first fail.  In fact, I could probably come up with at least a fail a day but most of them would be pretty boring and run of the mill. I thought this one was a little more pronounced and could be a blog post of its own – maybe some of you can relate. 

Last week I got a gallon of raw goat’s milk.  I was really excited.  I felt like this was a huge step in my “homesteading” life.  I was getting ready to drink goats milk (had only ever had cow’s) and it was RAW.  That has to count for something right?

I bought a culture to make goat cheese.  I brought out my cheesecloth.  I got excited to make goat’s milk yogurt.  I was set!

I picked it up one evening and the next morning I excitedly poured myself a glass.  I smelled it and it didn’t smell like much.  It was thick and creamy.  I took a big drink.  I paused and took another drink.  And then… people.  Goat hair.  Not literally.  But it was like I had a goat in my mouth.  Not that I know what it is like to have a goat in my mouth but it pretty much tasted like what I would expect a goat to taste like if I were to lick one.

I was bummed.

I promptly started 4 cups of heating in a saucepan on the stove.  I was going to make goat’s milk yogurt gosh darn it and I was going to like it.  I convinced myself that it would make the taste more subtle.  As I was heating the milk my house smelled like a goat.  I was losing my conviction.  I made the yogurt and tasted it the next day.

People.  It was WORSE – more concentrated and even MORE goaty.  I felt like a failure.  What kind of homesteader am I if I can’t even take back a glass of raw goat’s milk much LESS a few bites of goat’s milk yogurt?   A lame one, I suppose.

I have since talked to several people and realized that this wasn’t necessarily what my experience should have been or what it is like for most people.  Some people might (and probably do) like the “farm-y” taste of this particular goat’s milk.  Perhaps it is an acquired taste, but for me, it is a no go.

I realize that the types of goats can have something to do with it.  Placement of the male near the females can affect the taste.  Not cooling the milk properly can be detrimental – so on and so forth.  I’m not giving up on goat’s milk … I think we’re just taking a little trial separation, me and the milk.   Somehow I need to teach my taste buds to untaste the goat hair.  We’ll see.

FOR NOW though, when life hands me goat-y tasting raw goat’s milk I’m going to make lemonade goat’s milk soap.  I got a great recipe from DaNelle over at the blog Weed ‘em and Reap and the best part is that the recipe starts by using frozen goat’s milk!  Perfect.  I stuck that stuff in the freezer and I’ll deal with it later.

Also, as for that goat-y yogurt I made, well, my family likes it just fine.

Have you had any homestead (or just home) fails lately?  I’d love to know that I’m not alone and that I’m not the lamest homesteader out there.