How To Treat Drug Addiction

It can be very difficult to treat addiction to drugs. This is because most individuals who are addicted to drugs do not want to agree to the reality that they are even suffering from addiction. And even the few individuals who are starting to see the reality of their situation do not know where to go for help. It would usually take continuous support, stubborn but caring instructions, and words of encouragement to persuade any of these individuals who are addicted to drugs. In some situations when the addicted individuals continue to be very stubborn, they may require immediate assistance from a professional intervention specialist to address their problems at a rehab center. And many measures have been placed at rehab centers where to address the problems of addiction. If you are particularly situated in North Carolina, there are many charlotte addiction centers where different approaches to counseling and therapies have been set in place to address the problems of addiction.

Treating Addiction

For one who is addicted to drugs or if you have got a closed one who is addicted to using drugs such persons are usually battling with different issues and it may require some carefulness to help such individuals escape their situation. Since the drug affects the brain functions, apart from the craving, many people who are addicted to drugs are usually suffering from some kind of relapse, aggressiveness, and even hallucination in extreme cases. As such they may need urgent intensive care from a standard rehab center to help them recover quickly.

Whether the situation is serious or the person already realizes their situation and they are ready to receive treatment  There are two treatment types for those suffering from drug addiction.

In-patient or Residential treatment Programs

In this type of treatment program, the patient is usually very gone into addiction and they won’t even recognize that there is a problem at hand. The situation is usually a serious one where it might require the friends or the family bringing an intervention specialist in carrying them to such a specialised center. This center would usually serve as a new home temporarily for such patients away from friends and family and home.

Here proper treatment and attention are given to such individuals and the treatment is usually an intensive one and a series of therapies and detoxification is administered to the patient. The therapies including medication assisted treatment are usually administered to wean the patient gradually from the drugs. In-patient programs can last up to a month or even more depending on the approach and severity of the case.

Outpatient Treatment Program

As for this program, the duration of treatment is usually part-time and the patient is still able to control or resist their urges during treatment. However it is easy to fall into the temptation. So here the patient must try to avoid any form of the temptation of going anywhere that can lead the patient to use drugs again. Not much therapy is needed here, and the treatment may not last for more than 6 hours every day maybe after work or even at home.