Most Widely Spread Slot Myths

Myths are part of everyone’s culture and they tend to survive through generations. Greek mythology is a great example of how myths and legends have managed to stand the test of time. These have filtered into modern society and are still the basis of mainstream entertainment. Many myths present themselves as facts, even though they are based on misconceptions. The biggest myths are found in history and particularly the history of early man. However, myths can also be found elsewhere in society even today and these develop over time too. Even the slots industry comes with its fair share of misconceptions.

Was Jesus born in December? Did Christopher Columbus discover the Americas? Do slots start off with winning spins to suck punters in and then produce a series of losing spins to guarantee that punters lose? The answer to all three is no but they are still considered to be facts by many people. 

The Facts About Slots 

Even though play slots are not rigged they do give the house the biggest edge of all casino games and this is why the annual revenue from slots alone is approaching the £2billion mark. Although slots exist as physical gaming machines and online entities, it’s the online version of slots that are the most lucrative to the industry. Despite the house edge, punters do win from slots otherwise there would be little point in them existing as nobody would play if winning proved impossible. The myth that nobody wins at slots is only true if you do not look after your bankroll. It’s always a good idea to limit your game playing time or quit whilst ahead. New laws now mean players get regular session reminders.

Slots Patterns 

Every slot spin is based on an RNG or Random Number Generator and this also applies to video poker, Keno and other games. The job of the RNG is to generate numbers 24/7 and this is translated into spins. The randomization is completely separate from the game that you are playing and all it does is supply numbers that are translated into spins. There is a myth that all slot games are rigged, this is not true because slots already pile the odds within the favour of the house so rigging the games is totally unnecessary. 

Slot patterns are possible to discover over a period of time but they are not set in stone and this makes discovering winning patterns impossible, despite those who think on the contrary.  If a slot throws up a series of losing spins it will not be followed by a series of continuous winning spins unless you are lucky. Most people wouldn’t go near a slot that has just paid out a fixed jackpot, as they think a long period of time will pass before this drop will happen again. Jackpots that are randomly triggered can and do fall without any noticeable patterns, so you can win them at anytime. Despite all the facts, slot myths will still live on.