Pantry Revamp: A Delicious, Simple Smoothie “Recipe”

The Pantry Revamp is a series here on Five Little Homesteaders.  To read more about it, check out the first post here.  To read all the posts in the series, click the “pantry revamp” label to the right.

Clearly, I have deviated from the original intent of this series. I originally intended to revamp my PANTRY.  Well, yeah, I’ll get to that.  Once I started revamping the processed food on my shelf (with recipes for things like Graham Crackers and Cheese Crackers), I realized that there are a lot of areas in my kitchen and my life where the food needs some “revamping.”  So, why just stick to the pantry?  No worries, I’ll keep working on those items too, but I’m going to branch out a little, too.

Moving on…

Let’s talk smoothies.  They are definitely all the rage.  You can make them at home, you can get them at the health food store or the freezer section at Target.  You can EVEN get them at McDonald’s (though with 44gm of sugar in 12 oz, you might as well have a Coke).  Personally, I love making them at home.  They are definitely a go-to breakfast but they are also great for lunch or an afternoon snack.  And while I don’t have a “recipe” per-say, I do have the same standard ingredients that I tend to add each time I make it.

Delicious, Simple Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie

1.  Throw in some fruit and a bit of fruit juice.  I often throw my too-ripe bananas in the freezer and then use frozen bananas in my smoothie for a thicker consistency.

2.  Throw in some vegetables and vegetable juice – heavy on the carrot juice and light on the apple juice.
3.  Throw in some supplements.  I recently started adding Chia seeds.  They take a little getting used to but I think the nutritional benefits make it worth it.
4.  Blend it up and enjoy with a side of iced green tea.  I dare you not to be zipping around, getting stuff done for the rest of the day.
What is your technique for smoothie making?  Any good ingredients that I’ve missed?