Soccer Bets For Beginners

Soccer is an absolutely incredible game. This rings true for playing, supporting, and especially the thrilling world of sports betting.

It’s a game that lends itself well to the world of sports betting for a variety of reasons, with perhaps the most notable of these that it is played all over the world, meaning it enjoys constant coverage.

And the more coverage a sport enjoys, the more information becomes available to the sports bettor.

Also, due to how the game is played and structured, it’s a sport that opens itself up to a world of different types of bets.

Below are some of our favourite bets when wagering on the world’s best-loved game: soccer.

Betting The Spreads

Also commonly referred to as betting the goal lines, betting the spreads is a type of wager that eliminates at least one outcome.

Those who enjoy hockey, football, and/or basketball will be all too familiar with this type of bet. This is because the system of scoring in all these sports follow a similar format.

A good example of a goal line in a soccer game would be 0.5 goals. For bigger events, however, such as a World Cup match, goal line odds set by a bookmaker may look like the one below:

  • Mexico: -2.5 goals (+110)
  • Brazil: +2.5 goals (-120)

In order to win the bet on Mexico, they will have to win by three goals or more. However, to win the bet when wagering on Brazil, the latter can win, lose or even draw by one or two goals.

Betting Totals

Many sports bettors greatly enjoy this type of soccer bet, as since it differs to betting totals in most other sports, it mixes things up by quite a bit.

Totals are typically displayed by the bookies in multiples of .25 goals (the reason being that scoring is comparatively lower in soccer). An example would be for the bookie to set a total of 2.25 or even 2.75.

How it works: if you wager your bet on the Over 2.5 goals, half of your bet is placed on Over 2, and the other half on Over 2.5.

In our example, if the game should end in a 1-1 draw, your bet on Over 2.5 will be lost, but your bet on Over 2 will be refunded because of a push.

However, should the game end with three goals or more (in total), you will have a winning bet in hand, much like when you place a winning bet at Black Lotus Online Casino.

The Three-Way Moneyline

The three-way moneyline bet is precisely what the name of the bet suggests. The following is an example:

  1. Team A Wins
  2. Team B Wins
  3. The teams draw

The odds will typically be set by the bookmaker as follows:

  1. Argentina +130
  2. England +255
  3. Draw +230

In our example, England and Argentina’s match ended in a tie. In such an event, the draw bet would have crashed. Also, betting on either Argentina or England would have ended in a losing bet, even in the event that Germany ended up winning the game in extra time. This is because only 90 minutes of regulation-time play is taken into account with this type of bet.