The Pros & Cons Of Being a Stay At Home Parent

Many more adults are becoming stay at home parents and it isn’t just the females that are taking on this essential role. It makes sense that if your wife gets a higher salary than you do, then it makes perfect financial sense for you to stay home and take care of the kids and the house. We live in a very progressive society and many men are more than willing to do the job. Many people wrongly assume that the stay at home parent has nothing to do all day and all they do is sit around and watch daytime TV. This is not the case, however, and it is a very difficult job under very difficult circumstances. It has become especially hard now that we are going through the current covid pandemic and the kids are home a lot more than usual.

Not only do they have to make hard decisions like deciding on the right floor and wall tiles to buy from Amber tiles in Sydney, but making the difficult transition from a working person to a stay at home parent can be quite difficult. There are numerous pros and cons of being a stay at home parent and we will look at some of them here today.

  • You are always there for your kids – If you are a stay at home parent then there is every likelihood that you will always be available to your children when they need you the most. This is especially true when they are asking advice as teenagers about, common hygiene products and if there is a healthier alternative. On the negative side, you as a stay at home parent may feel a little trapped and getting time for yourself can be quite difficult. You should try to make sure that you get enough sleep, eat all the right foods, and try to do some exercise.
  • You’re never lonely – There will always be someone to keep you company at most times of the day and you don’t get to miss out on those important things like your child’s first steps or their first word. On the downside, you never really have any time to yourself and even trying to get five minutes to go to the toilet can be an almost impossible thing to do. It is important to set up some boundaries for your children so that they understand the limits.
  • You are the head of the household – You get to make all of the important decisions and it is your job to decide what the household money is spent on and the various schedules that are set for your children. On the downside, the buck stops with you and so anything that goes wrong, the responsibility lies solely at your feet. If you would like to learn more about being a stay at home father, then have a look here.

At the end of the day, the pros tend to outweigh the cons when it comes to being a stay at home parent. It is a job that you can really learn to love and it brings you a lot closer to your family members.