Top 5 Baby Items for Gardening Mamas

We don’t have to tell most of you that babies are a lot of work, as is homesteading – even of the urban variety.  It can be embarrassing to admit how little you may gardened during pregnancy.  But you can always get back to it in a serious way.

Top 5 Baby Items for Gardening Mamas

Kids are a handful and can keep you from getting everything done that you need to do to make sure you have fresh vegetables on the table.  So, it is essential that you use nap time as productively as possible and when your baby is not napping, that you keep her safe and near while in the garden.

With those things in mind, here’s what we think the top 5 items any gardening mama should have:

1.  A bonnet or other type of sun hat – Children can be born with sensitive skin.  A sun hat or bonnet is a necessity.

3.  Movable baby chair, bouncy seat or standing activity center – Not all activities in the garden or on the homestead are safe to be done while baby is being held or worn.  For those times, a place to safely put baby is essential.  The nice thing about most chairs, bouncy seats or activity centers is that you can move it around the garden with you, continue to talk/interact with baby and get your work done at the same time.

4.  Swaddle Blanket –A swaddled baby is (generally) a happy baby and a happy baby sleeps longer, thus allowing mom to get more done.

5.  Baby Video Monitor – A baby video monitor will allow you to hang out in the garden, in the backyard and check in with the baby without going inside a million times.  Your productivity has gone through the roof.  Nap time is now the time of day that you can get the most done and doesn’t mean you are constantly standing at the bottom of the stairs to listen for crying/fussing.  Here are a few options to check out:

If none of these work here is a great place to find other baby gifts.