UKGC’s New Move on Making Slot Gaming Safer

A game of luck, today, modern video slots have become the most popular form of casino gaming, because of their simple gameplay, attractive graphics and catchy themes ranging from blockbuster Movies, popular TV-shows to cultural concepts like ancient Egyptian treasures or mystique Leprechauns; and most of all the potential to pay out hefty jackpots at the drop of a penny-worth stake.

For such reasons, slots have become the focal point for iGaming establishments from a global perspective, generating the largest number for gross gambling yield, amounting to £14.3 Billion in 2019.

The availability of regulated casino games has burgeoned the user-base, wherein 18year-olds and college-going youngsters can now legally register at casinos and access real money games, and the fresh new slots seem to attract their attention more than anything else.

In a bid to make Online Slot gaming safer and morally sustainable for punters, especially the young users, the British iGaming regulatory organisation, United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) initiated a series of consultations with game vendors and casino operators starting from 9th July 2020. The propaganda of these consultations is to finalise the methods and actions that will minimise any negative impact of slot machines and raise its efficiency as a form of entertainment.

A set of changes in the gaming system have been proposed by UKGC for software developers and casinos to endorse, which include:

  • Stopping the forms of Losses Disguised as Wins (LDW)
  • Discontinuation of Multi-Screen gaming
  • Withdrawal of Quick Spin and the Autoplay functions
  • Restricting reverse withdrawals
  • Introducing speed and time limits for slot gaming.

While adequate measures are already in place to make slot games fair and random, the objective of the new changes would be to have a responsible gambling environment by default, imposing significant control over the influenced punters, so that they don’t end up in a haywire situation of gambling addiction and relating consequences.

The Why of the Matter and Whether It Will Work for the Masses

The alignment of the new changes are only a proposal placed by UKGC, and the execution of it depends on the opinions and affirmation of other industrial authorities. But since the proposal is only for the good of the players, it is most likely to get unanimous validation.

For example, the banning of LDWs. LDWs are nothing more than false wins that have been standard practice in Slot Machines, wherein, wins paid out on a “per line” basis, sees winning amounts to be lesser than the total bet. UKGC opines that a win can only be announced when it is a greater sum than the total bet.

The UK Gambling Commission is among the most powerful and influential organisations that are working towards iGaming Regulation in the United Kingdom. And on the right that the new reformations and restrictions are accepted, then all gaming operators would be obliged to follow it mandatorily.

This would mean that existing slot machine titles which will not be compliant with the new guidelines, would have to be removed from public access, or, Software Developers would need to reconfigure the game rules to adhere to the reforms.

Therefore, if it is accepted, the new guidelines might be a huge move towards making slot machines more caring towards the wellbeing of punters. A collaborative effort, contributed by the cooperation of Software Developers, innovators, casinos as well as punters, the regulations will set a new benchmark for the iGaming industry outside of the UK.

Slot Machine – the Protagonist of Casino Gaming

Slot Machine games are comparatively a new concept of gambling, that emerged around the end of the 18th century. It is commendable for slot machines to encourage a non-hierarchical industrial reformation, wherein new and emerging software providers can have a better chance at having a foothold alongside the top-tier masters of the scene, like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, etc. by offering high-quality slot machines.

Moreover, online games are excellent products to strengthen cross-border businesses, wherein online casinos that don’t accept players from a certain country, can at ease affiliate with casino and software brands from the same country, on the business front. For example, despite featuring British originating Microgaming slots online VulkanVegas is a casino that has restrictions on players from the UK.

Therefore, with this initiative of UKGC to improve the safety norms of slot games, and because a large portion of the iGaming sector is catered by British-manufactured games, it is most likely to indirectly improve the scalability and reputation of Online Casinos on a global perspective.