Upgrading the Chicks

At just over two months old, our baby chicks are quickly becoming full-grown hens.  They are fully feathered, spend 24 hours a day outside, and no longer need a heat lamp at night.  They are also quickly running low on space in their coop and we are discussing different ways to expand their run.

Up until yesterday, they were still using the feeder and waterer that we used when they were in the brooder.  However, after coming out to find the waterer tipped over several times and refilling the feeder twice a day, I realized that it was time to upgrade.  As I’ve mentioned before, I love our local feed store,  The Western Ranchman, but just up the road, we have a little store simply called  Pet Club.  On the day I decided to purchase a new feeder and waterer, I chose the closer option.

After looking at all the different types of chicken gear, I settled on the  Little Giant 3 Gallon Plastic Waterer and little giant 12lb chicken feeder.  I am particularly excited about the waterer.  The waterer we use for our other two hens is simply a self-refilling dog bowl.  It is economical and gets the job done, but it can be a pain to fill.  The Little Giant Waterer has a great design and is extremely simple to fill, which is what I need, especially in the summer when being outside is unbearable.  I think that, in the long run, the feeder might be on the small size for four hens, but our other two hens have a much bigger feeder, so I can always just switch them out.

Next on the list for the four little ones:
  • figure out how to expand their run
  • clean the coop and add bedding to the nesting boxes in anticipation of the girls getting ready to lay
  • secure the ladder to the coop
  • paint the sides (orange) and the top (white).
Also, summer is coming, so I have to get my supplies together for getting all six of the girls through the heat.  I have a post coming on helping your chickens through the summer.  Stay tuned.