Which Crypto Converter is Better?

The cryptocurrency industry is developing even despite the overall market drop and the bear trend that started in the spring of 2022 and lasts till today. The bear market trend always helps to identify strong and established crypto projects and services from the weak, and looking at how crypto projects are developing now, we can confidently say that crypto is not dead. Before the next bull run (that will definitely happen sooner or later), many people strive to buy crypto and hold it or trade it before the market changes direction. In this article, we will talk about the best place to buy and convert cryptocurrency.

How to Pick a Reliable Service?

When choosing a crypto exchange to work with, check it out for the following parameters:

  • Convenience of the interface. Is it easy to navigate the exchange’s blocks and tools?
  • Is the exchange reliable? Look for the reviews on the service and check out what mechanism it implements to protect users and their investments.
  • Does the platform have a crypto calculator? It always makes it much easier and faster to trade digital coins.
  • Trade volume of the exchange.
  • Are there trading tools like futures trading, staking crypto, margin, and leverage available? Can you add trading bots?
  • What are crypto prices like?
  • Is there customer support?
  • The number of crypto assets available.
  • Is it possible to trade with fiat and withdraw to a bank card?
  • What are the fees? Do fees vary depending on what features you use?


We recommend starting your journey to trading and investment with the WhiteBIT platform. This service has the highest level of safety for users and their funds and implements two-factor authentication for protecting your personal account.

WhiteBIT allows you to convert cryptocurrency fast and at a low fee. 0.10% is the fixed commission you will pay regardless of the tool you use. WhiteBIT crypto calculator will offer you the current crypto rates and the fee. It is especially convenient when you use advanced trading tools such as futures trading or leverage. Take a look at the WhiteBIT platform and its blog to learn more information about this service.