CEO Develops New Mission and Vision for JD Logistics

On August 18, 2020, JD Logistics celebrated eight years as an officially registered company. The CEO, Zhenhui Wang, sent a letter to employees announcing an upgraded mission and vision for the company, as well as an upgraded organizational structure and brand that will lend better to the company goal of becoming one of the leading supply chain and logistic companies in the world.

In the letter, Wang praised the company for witnessing and participating in this era of logistics becoming an underpinning for all of society, giving people the means to a better life. He recounted the accomplishments and growth so far, including operating more than 750 large warehouses in China and delivering more than 50 million tons of goods. This has meant jobs for over 200,000 people who he praises for providing fast and warm customer service. The logistics network has supplied all of China’s Mainland districts and even some smaller villages with same-day delivery, which is now the Chinese standard for delivery.

Wang credits these accomplishments to the company being able to do long-term things, ordinary things, and doing all of those things together.

Wang says in his letter that long-term operations take determination and persistence. The first warehouse was opened in Beijing’s Fenghuangling and ever since, the company has worked to bring the warehousing network to smaller cities. The company has made warehouse upgrades along the way to fully-automated warehouses and 5G smart logistics parks. These upgrades have made real-time delivery possible, and customer experience has remained the focus of technological investments and improved efficiency through the entire logistics process.

Wang believes that one of the greatest contributions to society is doing perfectly ordinary things, but doing them well. The company’s standard of ordinary has been to deliver the morning’s orders by the afternoon, deliver them to customers’ doors, and even to continue delivering orders during the Chinese New Year. The company’s standard for ordinary is ensuring high quality service, and even during the pandemic, dared to transport emergency materials, medical supplies, and daily life necessities. Ordinary to the company is moving luggage, educational materials, and food to where they need to got and doing it with love in a way that earns customers’ trust.

In addition, commercial spaces have been renovated using top notch commercial painting contractors.

Wang recognizes that working together makes this all possible. Being committed to the company’s strategy has allowed hundreds of thousands of social institutions and merchants to be served. Opening up the company’s integrated supply chain to consumers has helped gain more clients and partners. The efficiency of the supply chain and the progress of the industry is driven and grown together.

Sticking to a “customers first” mentality helps to improve the quality of service provided and gain customers’ trust. The following upgrades will help the company become a leading global supply chain logistics company:

The company mission statement has been changed to “Powered by technology for global efficient circulation and sustainable development.” The company vision is now to “become the most trusted service provider of supply chain infrastructure.” Wang believes that being determined to establish a self-built logistics network in order to provide exceptional customer service has brought the company to where it is today. He believes the opening up strategy and technology-driven, global mindset will take the company further.

There will be organizational structure upgrades in the seven big regions nationwide. Having a better organizational method will help the company reach sustained growth, and being driven by new technologies will help the company revolutionize the industry and realize the global mission.

The JD Logistics brand image will be upgraded with a younger, more industrial and open public image. The “JD” represents, which is the base of the company’s development and guides the company’s values. The “L” stands for Logistics, but it also represents Lead, Link, Less, and Love. The company will continue seeking simpler goods and more revolutionary technology to offer, which will link more partners and allow for better service.

The company will continue focusing on improving the consumer’s experiences and making the industry more efficient, guided by the new mission and vision statements. By working with more partners, promoting internet service in smaller markets, and exploring the path for China’s logistics globally, the company will become a leading global supply chain logistics company.