Tips for Using a Heat Lamp over the Brooder Box

brooder box

If you are a farm person, you would know how newly hatched baby chicks require a certain level of heat and temperature. After being born, these baby chicks are naturally unable to regulate their body temperatures, which is why, ideally, the mother hen keeps them under the warmth of her body for … Read more

Are Elderberries Safe For Chickens To Eat?

fresh elderberries

Elderberries, a small dark-colored fruit, have a slightly tart and bitter taste. They are used in the preparation of jams and several other preserves. But the main question is, can chickens eat elderberries? Chickens can eat only the fruits of elderberries since the leaves of plants are toxic, so they must not … Read more

Top 5 Baby Items for Gardening Mamas

Top 5 Baby Items for Gardening Mamas

We don’t have to tell most of you that babies are a lot of work, as is homesteading – even of the urban variety.  It can be embarrassing to admit how little you may gardened during pregnancy.  But you can always get back to it in a serious way. Top 5 Baby … Read more

Compost Temperature: Is your compost hot enough?

Compost Temperature Is your compost hot enough

Compost.  We really should all be composting.  It’s great for the environment.  It’s great for your garden and there are so many different ways to go about it. If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, then a compost pile is a pretty simple and easy way to go.  Read this post … Read more

Garlic Oil Supplement for Chickens

Garlic Oil Supplement for Chickens

Healthy backyard chickens – it always a good goal.  It is also important to keep your chickens healthy in the most natural way possible – no chemicals, no antibiotics (unless completely necessary), organic/non-GMO feed, etc. If you’ve read our post on natural chicken care, then you know there are several supplements and … Read more

Water Kefir: Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned

Water Kefir

Were getting all kinds of involved in fermentation over here on our little homestead. You see, while most of you are out there planting, harvesting and enjoying the great outdoors, those of us living in hotter locations are locked in our houses huddled under the nearest air conditioning vent.  So, as any … Read more

How to Prepare Seed Potatoes for Planting

How to Prepare Seed Potatoes for Planting

When we sat down this fall to plan out our spring garden, we realized that we really wanted to try growing potatoes, so just a couple weeks back we bought a few bags of seed potatoes.  However, we quickly realized that we needed a refresher on how to prepare seed potatoes for … Read more

Whole Wheat Pierogies

Whole Wheat Pierogies

I’m so excited to share this recipe with you today. Have you ever had a pierogi?  I hadn’t until I made these, but my husband informs me that in some parts of the country pierogies, as well as around the world, they are very popular. I must say, I’ve been missing out. … Read more

Small-Batch, Homemade Applesauce

Small Batch, Homemade Applesauce

We had an amazing Labor Day weekend.  One of the best weekends in recent memory. We headed three hours south to the little town and did some serious apple picking. It was so much fun and only a *tiny* bit hot and humid.  (Ok…. maybe it was a lot bit hot and … Read more

Sourdough Pretzel Recipe – Homemade & Healthy

Sourdough Pretzel Recipe Homemade & Healthy

If you’ve ever made authentic sourdough products at home, you know that eventually taking care of your starter becomes a job in and of itself and that you are constantly looking for new ways to use it. I refuse to simply “discard” any starter and am determined to make something with it … Read more

Improvising: Masonry Ladders for Plant Protection

Improvising Masonry Ladders for Plant Protection

Today was a day. It involved a rediscovery of termites, which are slowly eating away at our dear old house.  (Almost one hundred years this house has been here, and these darn termites choose NOW to start their destruction!?) It also involved taking kids to the doctor and having to get the … Read more

The Importance of Flowers

Picture of flowers in a field.

On taking a close look, the importance of flowers in nature and our lives is everywhere. From a declaration of emotions to food for insects to beauty: the world would be a much duller place without flowers. Flowers are also the best friend of your garden and our environment. Many of us … Read more