Deep Clean Your Bathroom How To Get it Done Fast

The bathroom will receive a general wipe down every week, but there are occasions when it needs a more in-depth deeper clean. We help you to prevent eliminating bacteria in the bathroom and it also reduces the risk of cross contamination. We know you don’t want to spend all day shining up your tubs and basins, so here’s how to deep clean your bathroom fast. Our Company NW Maids Cleaning Service is here to help you effectively deep clean your bathroom.

Cleaning the Shower

Working from top to bottom is the best way to approach the shower cubicle. Use a plastic bag, fill it with water, add some vinegar, and tie it over the showerhead and leave it to soak overnight. 

In the morning, the residue will rinse right off without any trouble. Plastic shower curtains and liners can go in the washing machine as usual, but throw in a few old towels to take advantage of their scrubbing action.

Shower doors need nothing more than a scrub with distilled vinegar, water, and a cup of baking soda. Soak the door with the mixture, and then go over it with a microfiber cloth. Buff once more with a dry cloth for extra sparkle. 

An easy way to lower the populations of germs in your bathroom is to leave the window open for an hour after every use. The circulating air will reduce the humidity and make the bathroom less hospitable to bacteria and mold. 

Brighten up Your Grout

Nothing says clean like bright white grout lines. The unfortunate thing about grout is that it is porous, which makes it a perfect environment for harboring bacteria colonies. However, they are easy enough to restore to their former pristine shade of white with bleach and an old toothbrush. You should also consider sealing your grout every six months to block moisture buildup.

Walls, Tiles, and Ceiling

An all-purpose cleaner will work wonders when you add the steam from the hot shower into the mix. Steam up the bathroom, close the door and come back around 30 minutes later. Use a clean cloth for the surfaces, and clean dry microfiber mop for the walls and ceilings. 

A fresh coat of wax on your tiles every 12-months will help keep watermarks at bay and reduce your workload. 

The Toilet

A cup of baking soda in the toilet bowl that is left to sit for a few minutes before brushing and flushing will return it to sparkling white porcelain. If that’s not enough, use a damp pumice stone to scrub away the limescale and mineral deposits gently.

Fill the brush canister with warm soapy water and let it soak. Pour bleach over the brush bristles and let it soak as well. The brush has a dirty job, so it should be given a regular disinfect treatment. 

As you can see, when you use a few simple tools and household materials and go in with a plan, you can return you can deep clean your bathroom in a few short hours without using harsh chemicals.