Eco-friendly Tricycle For Kids: Benefits And 5 Factors To Consider While Buying It

A tricycle, sometimes known as a trike, contains three wheels and a sturdy handle for the kid to maneuver the cycle. By riding a trike, youngsters can improve their cognitive skills and sense of balance and coordination. As of now, eco-friendly tricycles for kids are on the rise as they are made of environmentally friendly materials and are accessible at an affordable price.

Brands like the kinderfeets trikes online have eco-friendly models, made of non-timber bamboo and birch wood, feature a unique patented design, and are accessible in various colors.

What Are The Advantages Of Eco-friendly Kid Tricycles

Eco-friendly tricycles are an excellent way for children to have fun riding, and here are their primary benefits.

Enhance Coordination Abilities

Kids start to perfect their motions and coordination skills while riding a tricycle between the ages of one and three. Therefore, using a trike is a good approach for children to develop balance and coordination across their bodies. As the youngster becomes proficient at steering, it successfully encourages hand-eye coordination.

Build Motor Skills

The kid’s muscles will get plenty of exercise riding a tricycle. The child will benefit from more remarkable physical development and enhanced motor abilities as a result of playing with a trike.

Direction Learning

Kids will learn which is right and left as they know to steer a tricycle. They will be able to learn more about the directions, corners, etc.

Learn About Safety

Your child will learn more about personal safety as they practice riding a trike. The kid will gradually develop an innate ability to avoid accidents, make turns, reduce the speed, or halt when riding a tricycle.

What Factors To Pay Attention To While Buying Eco-friendly Tricycle For Kids

Riding a tricycle helps develop and strengthen muscles, bones, and joints, which is crucial during their early years. So, go through the below section to learn which factors you should pay attention to while acquiring an eco-friendly tricycle for your kid.

Types Of Tricycles

Tricycles come in various styles, including the newborn model, the volant tricycle, the learning trike, and the traditional tricycle. Babies between the ages of 12 and 24 months are ideal to use an infant tricycle with a handlebar. Both indoors and outdoors are suitable for using steering and learning tricycles. A traditional trike is perfect for kids ready to paddle around quickly. The finest tricycle for a preschooler does not have pedals, like the kinderfeets trikes online model, which has a push-bike design.

Material Quality

It is necessary to inspect the type and quality of the material utilized to make the kid’s tricycle before making a purchase. Birch wood and non-timber bamboo are frequently used to produce eco-friendly trikes. In addition, the materials used for the tires, seat, handle grips, and other components must be soft to make it safe for your youngster.


Toddlers can struggle to maintain their balance if the seating is too high, so choosing a trike that has a low seat assures safety. Some high-end eco-friendly tricycles come with adjustable seats so that children can ride comfortably.

Tires And Handlebar

Larger tires provide the trike more excellent stability and help to avoid any unfortunate accidents. Most high-end eco-friendly tricycles include biodegradable tires and padded handlebars for added safety and comfort. Children can move forward with their feet if the handlebar and the overall trike have a push design.

Check For Assembling Options

Both fully built and unassembled environment-friendly tricycles are available in the present market. A non-assembled model is the best option if you can put it together independently since it offers storage and transport flexibility. If not, it is also wise to select an already-assembled trike that is ready for use immediately.

Bottom Line

The eco-friendly tricycles are undoubtedly great fun for children, which also help them develop essential growth skills. They are robust, sturdy, safe for kids, and can stay solid for a more extended period. You can buy eco-friendly trikes online to get them at an affordable price.