Evolution of Pod Mods

When the first e-cigarettes appeared, they were as uncomfortable as possible, closed, it was a problem even to refill the device. Fortunately, everything has changed dramatically. Now there are disposable vape kits of any power, with cool displays, visualization systems.

The design of the POD system includes a powerful battery compartment and a detachable unit that holds the cartridge with the smoking mixture supply. Evolution has worked on the shape of the cigarette, taking as a basis the more acceptable for a solid battery rectangle or parallelepiped, displacing the reference cylinder. The changed format gave rise to the trend of mods with several batteries connected in series or in parallel, adding solidity and weight to the devices in the physical sense of the word.

ROD systems: what are they

There are two types of devices for electronic smoking: nicotine-containing liquids and sticks with tobacco. The main difference between the POD systems of the first and second types is the principle of smoking. The first involves the process of evaporating the nicotine from the liquid, which makes the device as close to an ordinary e-cigarette. In the second – heated to 300-350 ℃ tobacco in the stick, releasing nicotine-containing vapor.

The attachment is the basis of an electronic cigarette. Basically, it is a source of energy for vaping, allowing any style of vaping. After the ban on smoking in public places, the mod became the best alternative in the fight against nicotine starvation.

The vape box mod uses a working circuit of several components:

  • an electronic circuit board;
  • one or more batteries.

This device got this name because of its boxy shape. It seems to emphasize its power and authenticity, but it is not expensive. Buying one vape and several refills will still be cheaper than a pack of cigarettes on a daily basis. It’s easier to fit the power supply and electronics into the body of a rectangular-shaped vaping mod.

Stick ROD, or vaporizer, generates vapor from heated tobacco mixed with glycerin. The resource of the stick is a couple of hundred puffs, after which it is replaced by a new one. A beautiful and not cheap representative of this type of system is IQOS. In fact, the main difference between these devices is their size and the power of nicotine-containing medium generation.

Evolution of Pod-systems

One of the main differences and advantages is compactness and portability. For example, the average POD system charges only 30-40 minutes and runs for 1-2 days. Popularity to the subsystems came thanks to the salt liquids and a pretty good taste in the new models. Another advantage is their inexpensive consumables and fluid.

A few years ago, the popularity of mechanical mods went through a crisis. Today, however, such devices are in demand again, as evidenced by the level of sales of companies producing them and the constantly appearing new names.

Here are a few quality devices worthy of attention:

  • The Nord Pod System Kit. This is a great new product from Smok that was designed for a 3-milliliter cartridge. The Novo vape kit used to be very popular, and this device is an improved version of it. The power is 10 to 15 watts. The powerful built-in 1100 mAh battery provides uninterrupted operation of the device. This capacity is considered large enough for a Pod-system.
  • Smok – Pod-system Trinity Alpha. It struck everyone with its unusual design and of course, the construction. Two high-quality vaporizers have a 1000 mAh battery in stock. The manufacturer did a really good job on the appearance of the device, paid a lot of attention to small details. The first thing that catches the eye is the unusual square shape, which looks quite stylish.
  • The system is shaped like a small pod. No bigger than the palm of your hand. Weighs only 40 grams. Height up to 9 centimeters. The colors are standard: black, red, gray, green. The metal frame on the sides protects it from mechanical damage and thus prolongs its service life. The device is really small, so the battery of 450 mAh is perfectly enough for a day. The maximum feeling of comfort is created by the mouthpiece.

Evolution has touched such an important liquid component as flavorings. Previously used all food flavors indiscriminately, but now the production uses special flavors for vaping. Their main difference is the absence of harmful substances when heated.