How a St George plumber saved you from a dragon

Well, that didn’t quite go to plan. You had finished a hard week at work and was ready for an easy weekend with your mates. It was time to pamper yourself and do your own thing as the wife was visiting her parents in the bush and had taken the kids.

All went to plan to start with, as you lazed and then headed off to the pub to meet up with everyone before you went to the footy. You returned in jubilant mood, as your team won and the beers flowed, but your mood soon changed when you opened the door to be met by pools of water on the floor which looked to be coming from under the kitchen sink. You mopped up as well as you could after ringing for a plumber in the St George Area.

  • Your first thoughts were those of panic. What happens when the wife came back if she found her kitchen under water. Her first thoughts would be that you couldn’t be left alone next time, and that’s the last thing you wanted.
  • Thankfully, you were aware because you had just been told a story earlier in the evening, about a company of plumbers who were ready to be pressed into action 24/7 7 days a week. And you knew that they were going to be good from your friends’ reference. Perhaps you could try out your new recipe on the plumber when he arrived and ask for their opinion?
  • While you did the right thing, turning off the water supply, doing some attempted mopping, and putting a bucket under the sink, that was your plumbing expertise wiped out. You did consider trying to have a further look yourself, but then remembered the ridicule you faced when trying some DIY electrical work that caused more damage and cost plenty of money to put right when you called in the specialist. Getting a skilled tradesman was definitely the best course of action this time.
  • While waiting for the plumber you checked out the firm’s website, and you were immediately impressed that they had been on the go for 15 years, in a competitive industry. You would be quoted the exact cost before the repairs are carried out, so that there would be no nasty surprises further down the line.
  • Offering an emergency service was a major factor in you making the call. Why wait until morning with the stress that it will cause, when the repairs can be carried out timely to allow for a proper night’s sleep. You could still head out and enjoy some local walking and cycling the following day to further improve the mind.
  • Choosing the right plumbers, which you are doing, see their work come with a lifetime guarantee.

The job was completed quickly by a friendly, skilled professional at a price more than worth paying, as the rest of the family returned home oblivious to any issues, other than your other half commenting how the sink seemed to clear quicker than before.