How Can Snus Be Used as Part of an Organic Lifestyle?

For many who want to live off the land and prioritize where they get their food, there are certain vices that get in the way of fully actualizing the lifestyle. One of these is reliance on cigarettes and tobacco-based products. While the tobacco industry has seen a hit in recent years due to new competitors, there are many who incorporate tobacco products as part of their daily routine. While e-cigarettes have also had some questions raised about them by the US government, there is actually a tobacco-free product on the market that still contains the nicotine that people really miss: snus. But what is snus and what are its benefits to help those living healthier lives?

What is Snus?

Snus – pronounced ‘snoose’ – is a smokeless powder pouch of tobacco usually from Sweden. Unlike chewing tobacco, you don’t need to spit, simply place the snus under your top lip. Much like menthols and e-cigarettes, snus is often given a mint flavor. The newly popular form of imbibing nicotine – more men in Sweden used snus than smoked cigarettes in 2020 – provides something to do while giving up smoking but also has a range of other benefits for organic living.

How Can Snus Help with Organic Living?

According to Rutgers University’s Michael Steinberg, Snus is a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. So, it could help those looking to reduce their intake of cigarettes or swap to something less harmful. There is no second-hand smoke and no tertiary effects such as unpleasant odors. Organic living is focused on finding ways of doing things that are better for us and better for the planet.

Beyond its assistance with quitting smoking or finding a healthier habit, studies have been conducted that have found that snus can have a positive effect on focus and concentration. For those who have just started snus, there have even been physical performance increases. Indeed, this could replace other activities or supplements that people might take to achieve a focused effect – such as caffeine tablets or sugary energy drinks.

How Can Snus Help with Organic Living?

Where to Find Snus?

While there are versions of snus grown elsewhere, the Swedish kind is the staple, so it must be sourced from the Scandinavian country. While it might not be sold elsewhere, there are many ways to source snus and have it delivered easily and quickly. For instance, Taxfreesnus ships to UK households, providing the tobacco-free, high-nicotine product within three to six business days from ordering. Other regions may take slightly longer, but snus can be delivered to even the remotest parts of the world with little hassle.

The benefits of activities such as growing your own organic produce and rearing your own free-range meat can be negated with unhealthy activities such as smoking tobacco-based products. Instead, there are a range of alternatives, including snus. As e-cigarettes are facing issues in the USA, with many being banned, those who used them may be looking for another product. So, we could see an increase in those who might want to try snus. Market reports indicate that the popularity is already rising, and this trend looks set to continue.