How To Create A Home Garden In 6 Steps

Going green has always been the big thing when it comes to contributing to the health of our dear earth, as an individual.

And the smartest way you can make a lasting contribution without spending a fortune is by creating a garden in your home or office.

But while I would recommend letting a professional do it for you, you can also craft a solid garden in your home or office if you have a thing for DIY.

To help you through the process, I have created this complete guide on the 6 steps to crafting a home garden.

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STEP 1; Make A List Of What You’d Like To Grow In Your Garden

This becomes easy if you already know what you want. All you have to do is put them to paper. But in a case whereby you’re out of idea, you can have a tour around the garden close to you, take pictures of what you find and like, and finally look up the names on Google. Another option is to talk to the gardener in charge of the garden you’re visiting to tell you the names of those choosen plants.

STEP 2; Decide What Location You’re Using

Choose a day to take a walk around your property to locate the best location for your future garden. Ideally, it should be that part of your landscape that receives more sunlight and rain but is not a target to pets and predators. Another thing to consider is that this location must not be close to underground infastructures like pipelines or wireworks. The reason for this is to avoid having to deal with the plants’ growing roots from being a threat to your home amneities.

STEP 3; Plan Out Your Garden Bed

Panting your garden in beds or blocks of plants has a lot of advantages over just planting in rows. But you want to make each bed about 10feet or less to avoid the only disadvantage of stepping into the bed to the extent of compacting the soil during the planting process. Another thing though, remember to go for rectangular beds only for a large-size location and square beds for a small one. But agai, this is entirely up to you.

STEP 4; Purchase The Basic Gardening Tools

You want to make gardening a pleasure and not a chore. That’s why investing in all the gardening tools you need is a thing. But in all that you do, avoid purchasing cheap or fake tools that will end up being a waste of money and a cause od dissapointments and frustrations whenver you need them. Anyways, below is the list of the gardening tools you need.

  • Hand tools
  • Garden rake
  • Scuffle hoe
  • Hand shovel
  • Dirt rake

STEP 5; Test And Build Your Soil

Find out the best universal type of soil for all the plants you’ve choosen. You can look this up on Google or talk with the botanical group in your state for recommendations. After that, test the soil to determine the PH value and mix it with the right amount of manure.

STEP 6; Choose Your Seeds And Plant

Finally, take your plant list to the botanical garden around you to purchase the seeds or and stems. When visiting, ask for recommendations on how to successfully plant each distict plant. With that done, plant accordingly and take cae of your garden as should.