Is a Double Kitchen Island Worth It?

A spacious kitchen with plenty of counter space is a dream come true for most homeowners, especially those who love trying out new recipes and preparing delicious meals for their loved ones. This is why trends that maximize kitchen countertop space easily gain traction and stick around for years. One such homeowner favorite is the double kitchen island.

The advantages of kitchen islands have been common knowledge for a while now. So why not double the fun and have not one, but two islands in your kitchen? Many people have welcomed this idea while others think this could be too much of a good thing. Read on to find out the most important pros and cons and decide for yourself.


Many homeowners have discovered the benefits of having a double island installed in their kitchen. Here are some of the biggest perks you can expect if you choose this upgrade.

1.  Flexible work space organization

Double kitchen islands provide you with more precious countertop space. They’re often parallel, but can also be positioned side-by-side or perpendicular to one another, depending on the configuration of your space and your preferences. If they’re installed strategically, they can improve kitchen workflow and help you maximize the functionality of your space.

2.  Versatile applications

The second island adds another element to your space, which can be put to good use in many ways. For example, it can come in handy when you’re entertaining guests. While you’re using one island to prepare the main course, your guests can use the other one for wine and appetizers. Your family can also use one of the islands as a breakfast bar and start their days on a positive note.

3.  Added balance in spacious kitchens

Spacious kitchens require large elements to offset their size. If there’s too much empty space, the kitchen could be impractical and feel uninviting. The best way to fill this space is to have another island installed. You’ll be adding storage and counter space while also balancing out the overall scale. Experienced interior designers at The Kitchen Studio can be of great help when it comes to finding the right size, position, and design for your islands.

4.  Right fit for many styles

Kitchen islands can complement any style you prefer, from modern, with clean lines and minimal detail, to traditional, with a classic, timeless appeal. They can reflect your taste and match the look of your cabinetry, tiles, and fixtures to tell a coherent story.


While they do offer considerable benefits, double kitchen islands aren’t right for every home and family. This is up to you to decide based on your requirements. These are some of the possible downsides to consider.

1.  Taking up too much space

Understandably, double islands typically aren’t a good fit for modest-sized kitchens. While you can make the most of your small kitchen with clever design solutions, tiny spaces can rarely accommodate two islands. However, depending on your layout, you may benefit from installing one kitchen island. It will bring you additional counter space as well as custom storage solutions, which are both essential in smaller spaces.

2.  Decreasing traffic flow

If the design is done by skilled professionals, your double kitchen island will provide you with enhanced ease of use. However, in cases where the design is subpar, it could overpower the space and reduce traffic flow instead of improving it.

The verdict

While double kitchen islands don’t suit every space and every household, they can be a fantastic addition to many homes, especially if you have a big family and a spacious kitchen.