Makers of the Best Belgian Dark Chocolate

If it is not chocolate that comes to your mind when you think about Belgium, you need to try some of their chocolates. Belgium has been famous for its chocolate-making legacy for centuries. More than 2,000 chocolatiers in the country produce the most delectable chocolates ever. 

Belgian chocolates are famous worldwide. So, now you know what you have to get from Belgium if someone close to you is traveling there. However, it is hard to decide which brand you should get with so many options to choose from.

Ranking of the Best Belgian Chocolatiers  

1. Neuhaus 

Neuhaus is undoubtedly one of the best chocolate makers in the world. It is named after Jean Neuhaus, who moved to Brussels and opened an apothecary store. He used to cover his medicines in chocolate so people could eat them without making faces. 

Carrying his legacy, Jean Neuhaus’ grandson experimented by making the first-ever “praline” – also known as filled chocolate. Praline gained instant momentum among chocolate lovers. It consists of a hard chocolate shell that covers a soft sweet filling. 

Given the historical invention of praline, Neuhaus has never compromised on the quality and taste of its chocolates. One of their famous chocolates is triangle nougatines with various fillings called Irrésistibles. Every chocolate item from this chocolatier has an unmatched flavor and is out of this world. 

In 2017, Neuhaus was named “The Best Chocolate Truffle in the World” by Bloomberg Pursuits.


Joseph Draps founded Godiva in 1926. Since then, the brand has come a long way in establishing its fame worldwide. This chocolate maker is the second most famous brand in the country and all over the world. 

Godiva first opened its international store in 1966 in the US. Since then, the brand has enjoyed worldwide recognition. Godiva has hired numerous top-notch chefs at their production facility who play around with the flavors and create a unique combination of chocolate with several flavors. 

Godiva has maintained their superior quality and delectable taste despite the experimentation throughout these years. 

3. Belvas 

Belvas is the pioneer of manufacturing organic chocolate in Europe. This brand utilizes the conventional method of preparing mouth-watering chocolates without synthetic additives, such as coloring, flavor enhancers, artificial aroma, or preservatives. This characteristic of Belvas has earned them an honorable award of being the “most ecological micro-company of Europe.”

The exquisite taste of Belvas chocolate comes from the authentic cocoa beans imported from Peru, Santo-Domingo, and Ecuador. One of the best things about dark chocolate lovers is that this brand’s dark chocolate has about 72% of authentic cocoa in it. 

Belvas is a relatively new competitor in the chocolatier industry established in 2005. They also produce gluten and alcohol-free chocolates and supply them worldwide. 

4. Cote d’Or 

Cote d’Or is the brainchild of Charles Neuhaus, who founded this chocolate company in 1883. Cote d’Or finest chocolate products and their unmatched taste are all due to the authentic cocoa bean they purchase directly from Ghana. 

Cote d’Or is constantly on a hunt to know what chocolate lovers want to try out. It is continually searching for product innovations in various combinations. If you have never tried one of their chocolates, you are missing out on experiencing the silkiest and most decadent chocolates in the whole wide world. 

Some of their most famous chocolates are: 

  • Chokotoff
  • Les Bouchees 
  • Milk Chocolate 
  • Dark Chocolate 
  • Noir cacao 
  • Intense Mignonnettes 
  • Milk Chocolate filled with Hazelnuts 

5. Pierre Mercolini 

Pierre Mercolini is another top Belgian chocolatier. The secret to his luscious chocolate is the use of unprocessed cocoa beans that he purchases from the local producers. These beans are then processed by roasting them so that the intense dark flavors of the beans are revealed. 

Although Mercolini’s chocolates are a bit on the pricier end, it is worth every penny to taste at least one praline or chocolate truffle made by him.

6. The Chocolate Line 

Dominique Persoone, the founder of The Chocolate Line, is amongst the finest producers of the most outstanding chocolate combinations that are funky and unique. Yuzu is the best flavor produced by The Chocolate Line. It is filled with caramel of yuzu, raspberry, and chocolate ganache. Pralines produced by Persoone are also hugely popular worldwide. Their best pralines are Miss Piggy, hemp seeds, sake, and gin.   

He is also famous for making a chocolate shooter for the Rolling Stones on their birthday. You can practically sniff chocolate for hours at a Chocolate Line Café. Chocolate fanatics flock from all over the world to experience this exhilarating experience of sniffing chocolate for hours. You can even order the whole kit from their website. 

7. Mary Delluc 

If you think men dominate this chocolatier world, then know about Mary Delluc – the first-ever woman chocolatier in Belgium. She opened her chocolate shop in Brussels in 1919. Her vision was to change how chocolate was used as a pharmaceutical to something you would consume as a treat. 

Mary Delluc is one of the finest chocolatiers in the country whose chocolates are truly royal. Her flavorful chocolates have earned a Belgian Royal Warrant. So, include her chocolate shop as a must-visit place in your bucket list. 

8. Galler

Established by Jean Gallers in 1976 in Liege, Galler has become the finest chocolate brand in the country in no time. Due to its constant experimentation in various chocolate combinations and flavors, Galler is ranked among the USA’s top 10 Belgian chocolate brands. 

They have the best dark chocolates at a reasonable price. Their chocolate is made from authentic cocoa beans, finely roasted, and processed to perfection. They have pralines, chocolate bars filled with different flavors, ice creams, bite-sized chocolates, spreads, and chocolate tablets.

9. Bruyerre 

Bruyerre is another most inspiring and tremendous Belgian chocolatier, producing the finest quality chocolates since 1909. They have stores in more than 38 countries of the world. The best thing about Bruyerre, which also makes it different from other chocolatiers, is the aroma of their chocolates. Their hazelnut praline, creams, ganache, truffles, gianduja, and pearls have a distinct aroma that lingers on even after you gulp the whole bar. 

If you are luckily around one of their stores or someone is getting some Bruyerre chocolates for you, then be sure to get your hands on Orange and Carrots ganache and Lime and Fresh Mint cream. 

10. Wittamer 

Wittamer is the only family-owned Belgian chocolatier in the country. It was founded by Henri Wittamer in 1910 in Brussels, where he opened his first-ever store named “Modern Bakery.” The Modern Bakery is still operational in its original place and thriving. 

Wittamer is the second chocolatier other than Mar Delluc to have been awarded the certificate of Royal Warrant Holder in Belgium. This award brought worldwide recognition to the maker. One of the reasons this finest Belgian chocolatier produces the most luscious chocolates is that they make every piece by hand. Their ingredients are hand-picked by experienced professionals, and the chocolates are packed in fancy boxes perfect for gifting.

Wittamer’s dark chocolate tastes outclass. Other top varieties of their chocolates include salted caramel, hazelnut, almonds, milk chocolate, chocolate powder, and cranberry. 

11. Leonidas 

Leonidas has been in the chocolate-making business for 100 years. They make some magnificent chocolate bars with hundreds of different flavors sold quickly in their stores worldwide. Their specialty is the creamiest dark chocolate you have ever tasted, pralines, orange peel, and marzipan. 

The high-quality and exquisite taste of chocolates produced by Leonidas is all due to using pure cocoa butter to create delectable chocolate shells. All of their ingredients are 100% natural. 

Belgium – Home to the Best Chocolatiers in the World 

Belgium is heaven for chocolate lovers. It has hundreds of chocolate stores owned by famous chocolatiers that have been in business for decades. There is nothing more irresistible than biting into the world’s finest Belgian chocolate and enjoying your life to the fullest.

Now you know the makers of the best Belgian dark chocolate, you might want to go through the benefits Belgian dark chocolate has to offer.