Stocking Your Family First Aid Kit

One of the things we’d like to accomplish in the new year is to be more prepared for emergencies big and small.  We figured there were a few of you out there who feel the same way so we decided to start a series on Prepping for Beginners.  We thought a good place to start would be with creating a well-stocked first aid kid.

Preparedness and prepping are pretty big buzz words out there right now, especially in homesteading circles.  That said, we’re not planning to build a bunker, stock up on guns, or have a year’s worth of food supply in our basement (more power to you if that’s your goal, though), but we are also not comfortable with our family’s current state of preparedness.  For instance, until we decided to write this post, we didn’t even have a proper first aid kit!  Please tell me we’re not alone.

So we set about to collect and buy all the things that are necessary to have in a well-stocked first aid kit.  Here’s the list that I came up with.  we hope it helps you to consider your own first aid kit and/or create one yourself if you are currently living without it.

Creating a Well-Stocked First Aid Kit

Where to Buy
Dynarex Cold Pack 5 x 9 24
New-Skin Liquid Bandage
Bausch & Lomb Eye Wash
Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets
ADC Adsafe CPR Mask Pocket Resuscitator Kit
Organic Activated Charcoal Capsules


Medicines to Include

  • Activated Charcoal*
  • Aloe Vera
  • Antihistamine*
  • Pain Reliever
  • Hydrocortisone*
  • Blood Stop Powder*

Miscellaneous First Aid items to Include

  • Instructions for using specific items (i.e. breathing barrier, butterfly bandages, etc.)
  • Emergency Numbers
  • List with contents of the kit in order to keep it well stocked

(Items with a * are things that are not pictured but still on my list to collect and put in the kit.  Some are sitting in other places in my house and some I couldn’t find at Target.)

So that’s it!  Pretty simple and so worth the small amount of time it took us to assemble.  It is important to remember that this kit should be kept locked up and out of reach of young children.  Also, when putting in medicine, make sure you include medicine for your kids and for yourself, obviously, the dosing is different.  Next up:

  • Herbal First Aid Kit
  • Bug Out Bag
  • 72-Hour Emergency Kit
  • Car First Aid Kit
  • Mini-First Aid Kit

Watch for these posts and more to come in this Prepping for Beginners Series.  (And if there is a topic that you’d love to see me cover, please let me know what it is in the comments.)