The Top 5 Most Common Household Pests (and How to Prevent Them)

Each year, termites cause over $5 billion of property damage in the US. And property damage isn’t the only worry. Other pests can carry diseases and make you or your family sick.

Because of these potential issues, it’s extremely important to know what common household pests you should look out for and what to do about them. We’ll also dive into how you can prevent them from being a problem in the first place.


If you have an ant problem in your home, you might see them moving in long lines to and from their food sources. However, you could see damage to your home if carpenter ants have moved in. This species eats wood fixtures in homes.

You can help prevent ants from infesting your home by keeping it clean from potential food sources. You should also seal any cracks and be on the lookout for scout ants.


Termites, which can be easily confused with carpenter ants, feed on wood, paper, or other materials containing cellulose.

Usually, you’ll notice a termite problem because they have already caused damage to your house. Or you could see termite pellets on the floor.

In order to prevent termites, keep wood away from the ground and foundation whenever possible. This includes not stacking firewood near the foundation and using as little mulch as necessary.


Cockroaches can spread bacteria and can even put children at risk of developing asthma. Their body shape lets them enter cracks and crevices very easily. As a result, they may be quite difficult to get rid of.

Cockroaches are usually found in dark, moist areas of the home. The best way to prevent cockroaches is to keep your house as clean as possible.

Don’t leave food exposed around the house. Dispose of waste quickly and properly.


Some spiders may be harmless or even eat other pests. However, some may be poisonous, including the black widow or brown recluse.

You may see webs in corners or in other spaces around your homes. But you could have spiders without even seeing webs.

Stop spiders from entering your home by sealing up cracks and crevices. Caulk any gaps in the exterior and put fine mesh over vents. You should also repair any damage to window screens.


Mice and rats are common pest rodents that may carry a variety of diseases. This makes them a dangerous health hazard to you and your loved ones.

You can prevent rodents from invading your home by making it difficult for them to enter. Close any exterior holes that they may enter through, including areas around pipes and the foundation. You can also set traps if needed.

What if You Find Household Pests?

If pests infest your home it’s important to take care of it as soon as possible. You’ll want to call pest control service to learn more and so they can set up a plan to take care of your problem.

The best pest control company will evaluate your specific infestation and determine the best course of action from there. They may also help you take steps to prevent further issues as well.

Prevent Household Pests

Household pests can cause serious damage or create health hazards in your home. It’s important to know the signs so you can watch out for them. You should also actively prevent them, and call a pest control service if they do become a problem.

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