The Trending Floor Color Guide for 2022

Did you know that more than half of the houses across the US were built before 1980? That means most homes in the US were built before modern design trends were even imagined.

That means a lot of outdated, old, dark homes. And if you’re in the market to buy a new house, you’re likely to get stuck with one of those.

But fret not. One of the easiest ways to spruce up your new home, change the ambiance, and increase the resale value is by updating your flooring. 

Choosing your flooring is all about the floor color. The color of your floors will impact how each and everyone room of your home feel.

So what are the best floor colors for homes in 2022? Keep reading to learn how to choose flooring colors now. 

How To Choose Flooring

In the past, floor colors were very simple. If you wanted wood, you got brown floors, either light or dark. If you wanted tile, you got white or tan floors. 

But today, there are so many more flooring options available. You can stain hardwood floors in almost any color you want, from light grey to deep, dark brown.

Or you can choose a more affordable laminate, which looks just like wood, at a fraction of the price. Designs and color options when it comes to synthetic flooring like laminate. Companies like specialize in laminate flooring solutions. 

Even mosaic tile flooring is evolving, offering more design options and unique colors, to truly make your home feel one of a kind. So you can choose any type of flooring today, and have an abundance of color options. Just choose an option that works for your home and budget.

Trending Floor Colors

So what are the trending floor colors that are making their way into homes in 2022? 

Lots of homes are going with light great flooring. You can find specific flooring colors by the name of whitewashed, driftwood, ash, greige, and a number of other variations.

These lighter grey colors go well with white or off-white walls to create a light, airy interior that feels spacious and clean. 

Rustic, rich wood colors are also very popular. It often goes by names like honey, copper, or American grown.

We’re also seeing a lot of homeowners installing very light wood-colored floors. They either use natural wood, without stain applied to it or use a blonde stain to give it just a touch of color.

High-quality floor sealing works well to add richness to natural floors, so the stain isn’t always necessary.

These light-colored floors work well with Scandinavian-style homes or light beach-cottage-type homes.

Lastly, more homeowners are embracing bold wood floor patterns. Rather than one consistent color, they mix and match hardwood floor colors, using both lighter and darker wood boards. The result is often mesmerizing and will definitely wow your guests.

Your Perfect Floor Color

There are so many amazing floor color options available these days. It’s hard to choose the perfect color. But ultimately, it depends on how you want your home to look.

What will the wall colors be? What color will the furniture, curtains, and kitchen cabinets be? Floor color is just one factor when designing your home. Make sure to consider the final vision for your home before committing to a particular color.

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Explore Flooring Options at a Santa Clarita Flooring Store

If you’re in Santa Clarita and looking to upgrade your flooring, you have many options available to you. From light gray and rustic wood colors to bold wood floor patterns, there are endless choices to suit your style and budget.

Before you start shopping, take some time to consider the final vision for your home. What wall colors, furniture, curtains, and kitchen cabinets will you have? Floor color is just one factor in designing your home, and choosing a color that complements your vision is essential.

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