Top 10 Uses for Lavender

One of our favorite essential oils to have on hand, lavender is not only a beautiful scent, but it is also a very powerful oil and whole herb.  Below is an outline of our top 10 uses for lavender but we’re sure there are many more ways that lavender can be used effectively.

According to a company that we trust, Mountain Rose Herbs, lavender has “analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, aromatic, carminative, cholagogue, deodorant, diuretic, emmenagogue, insecticide, nervine, sedative, stimulant, stomachic, and vulnerary” properties.  (Trying saying THAT five times fast!)  Wow.  That’s a lot.  If that overwhelms you and you just want to know our top 10 uses for lavender, read on.

Our Top 10 Uses for Lavender

1. Deodorize –  As mentioned above, lavender is a beautiful scent.  You can use it in potpourri or sachets.  You can spritz the essential oil (mixed with a carrier) in a room and leave it smelling subtly scented.

2. Burns –  When applied directly to a burn or mixed with a carrier and then applied, lavender may help alleviate the pain, swelling, and redness of a burn.

3. Relaxing – Whether defused in a room, applied in a lotion or smelled directly from the bottle, lavender is said to have calming and anti-anxiety properties.

4. Baking – Believe it or not, using lavender flowers in baking (especially in something like lemon bars) can lead to a delicious result.

5. Moth Repellant – We’ve read that lavender sachets placed in closets will keep moths away from delicate clothing.

6. Cleaning – When mixed with vinegar, lavender can add a boost of cleaning power due to its antimicrobial properties.

7. Insect Bites – Applied to an insect bite, lavender may take the sting out, relieve itching, and reduce inflammation associated with an insect bite or sting.

8. Fabric Softener – Mix a few drops with vinegar and use it in place of fabric softener!

9. Acne –  If you suffer from blemishes, you may find that, due to the antiseptic properties of lavender, it will help improve and heal pimples and acne.

10. Headaches – Lavender has mild analgesic properties and therefore may be effective in combating pain associated with a headache if applied directly to one’s temples.

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