Transform Your Charlotte North Carolina Home With Premium Blinds And Shades

Windows are an important part of our homes therefore there is a need to decorate and keep them functional. You can achieve this with quality blinds and shades that fit your style. 

Not only do they improve the aesthetic value of your home but also maintain your home privacy and security. Nevertheless, with so many styles of window hangings available, getting one that suits your style might take time. 

It is always best to consider key requirements like your budget, safety, your style of cleaning, and maintenance before opting for particular blinds in Charlotte NC, for your home. Also, it is recommended that you hire an expert to get the job done. 

With that said, the following guidelines will help you understand more about these draperies for your windows.

What’s the difference between blinds and shades?

Blinds and shades differ in the type of material used. While blinds are made from heavier materials like metal, wood, or PVC shades have a cloth-like texture that comes in different color hues.

Tips for selecting the right blinds and shades

  • Your budget

How much are you willing to spend on your draperies? In most cases, the quality of the item determines its worth. 

This means you should be willing to spend slightly more on a better-quality item and cut back on others. Likewise, you should consider the number of windows you are planning to outfit. The more the numbers the higher the prices. 

The size of your window may also affect the price of your window treatments. The window hangings are priced by size, therefore expect to spend more on longer hangings.

  • Light and privacy

The type of blinds and shades you choose depends primarily on your taste and preference. If you love your room light-field you may opt for shades with transparent fabrics. 

Nevertheless, too much light in your room may be harmful to your eyesight or cause glare on your screens. Darker shades are a better option for the bedrooms or if you have kids. 

Likewise, blinds will only allow light to penetrate through when tilted, and the room darkens immediately when they’re closed. 

Still, you can opt for the sheerest blinds if you want your room brighter. Nevertheless, they may not keep off your nosy neighbors. 

  • Cleaning & maintenance

While most of these hangings require occasional vacuuming, others may require hiring a professional to clean them. 

Whatever choice you make, ensure you have the time and budget to facilitate proper maintenance. Dust and dirt often accumulate on the drapes and if left unattended they end up being a breeding ground for most harmful pests. 

You can slightly spot clean them or dust them using a vacuum duster. However, if you feel you cannot handle the mess it’s better to involve a pro. See this link to read more 

  • Operation mechanism

Blinds and shades come in different forms. Some are corded and operate with chains while others have motorized operations. 

Motorized hangings operate using a remote control. You can open or shut them with a single press of a button. Also, there is the smart option that integrates a smart chip and can be controlled from anywhere. 

They can even be voice-controlled through online apps like Google Home and Alexa you only need to use voice commands to lower or raise your drapes. 

  • Your home décor

Your personal style may influence your choice of hangings. You can choose between a casual, formal, elegant, or comfortable setting. 

Ideally, what you opt for should blend well with your home decor. Bold colors may be good for a room decorated with dull or bright colors. 

You may also consider patterned designs if your room has neutral shades. In case you’re stuck, a drapery expert can help you choose the right design based on your home décor.

  • Safety

When designing your retirement home or have small kids in your home, you may consider motorized blinds and shades instead of corded ones. 

Although they may seem like a luxury, they are a safer option for a household with vulnerable persons. Accidental falling or choking should be your major concern when purchasing window treatments.

  • Rooms

Before going on your shopping spree, check out which room you want the hangings installed. For the bedroom, you might require shades that can keep off light and prying neighbors. 

The living room may require drapes with an aesthetic appeal and those that allow outside viewing. Kitchen and bathroom blinds must be tough and durable. 

Blinds and shades safety

There is a reason why experts emphasize the safety of home hangings especially for households with pets and kids. Well, window hangings come in different styles and designs. 

The corded and cordless designs are the most common ones. However, Corded window treatments can be hazardous to kids or any vulnerable person. They could trip over or strangle themselves on looped cords and chains. 

Make sure what you get is cordless and if you go for corded always keep the cords away from the reach of your most vulnerable households.

How to measure blinds and shades

Blinds and shades safety

Knowing your windows’ measurements is the first step to getting the perfect window treatment. The size of your draping should equal the size of your window. 

For example, when doing an inside mounting, your hangings and measuring tape should stop at the frame. On the other hand, an outside-mounting style should include the size of the window frame as well. 

In case you’re doing your shopping online it’s best you first talk to your service provider to confirm your measurements. A reputable seller should guide you on how to measure correctly. Click here to learn more.


Home hangings bring out a level of class and style in our space. This is why understanding how to use them and the different types available is important. Whether you want one for a particular style or just for your privacy, there is something for everyone. However, you should factor in things like operation mechanism, cleaning, and care, your safety, and more. Plus, giving your drapes perfect maintenance eliminates dust and pests and ensures they last longer. Above all, make sure what you get is durable and affordable.