Why living in Germany is so Special

Living anywhere in the world is unique, of course. But there are elements that make life in Germany special. It is different enough from other countries to separate itself from the crowd. Here are a few examples of how it distinguishes itself and why you could really enjoy living in Germany.

Germans are Not afraid of Natural Differences

Whether you are a man or a woman matters less in Germany, at least in a physical sense. How so? A great example is the latest law that its Parliament has passed, which states that women can also remove the top of their bathing suit when they spend the day inside a public pool grounds. Some will call it a desire for equality, but in truth it is more about the fact that Germans have always been okay with showing themselves in the nude. In fact, many public locations, especially in the East, have a long history of accepting people without their clothes on. If that makes you want to move your belongings to Germany, here is how to go about it: uk-germany-removals.com.

Germans enjoy their Railway System

It is not hard to convince a German to adopt public transports, especially when it is the train. It shows in the number of people that rides it daily, which is more than seven million. But there aren’t only passengers on these trains. More than 1,100,000 tons of freight also travels this way, every day in Germany. For a country that can boast producing some of the best cars in the world (BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen…), the fact that so many people travel by train says a lot about the quality of their railway system.

Germans follow Rules

If Germany is such an efficient country, it is partly due to the fact that there are so many laws that rule the way that people live there. And everyone loves it (or a large majority should we say). Germans take pride in not crossing the street when the light is red. But if you do, don’t be surprised if a police officer fines you for it. This love of rules can also be seen in the way Germans are meticulous in their way of separating wastes. If you enjoy a world in which everything is regulated, you will love Germany.

Germans are Beer Drinkers

If you have never tasted a German beer, it means that you have yet to try a real beer. Germans drink this liquid almost as much as water, but it has to reach a minimum level of quality. It is not as if they lack choices. There are over 5,000 different brands on the market, coming out of one of the 1,300 breweries that can claim German nationality. To make sure that the quality of the products used to brew the beer is never lowered, a law was passed in 1516 that says that only water, barley and hops can be used in the brewing process. However, one European nation can say that their citizens drink more beer than Germans: The Czech Republic.