4 Areas To Focus On During Your Next Renovations

Are you considering renovating your home? If so, we wholeheartedly support this idea, especially if you live in Grand Rapids—a city renowned for its thriving real estate market. The current status of the economy makes remodeling your home a prudent investment. Redfin reported that the median sale price of a home in Grand Rapids was $283K last month, an increase of 6.8% from the previous year. Also, the median sale price per square foot is $200, an increase of 10.2% from the previous year. Amazing, right?

With that in mind, we’ve curated a list of four crucial improvements you should consider to boost the value of your property. Let’s start.

1. Transform Your Bathrooms

The shower head is the centerpiece of any bathroom. It sets the tone for the entire room, and a dated or worn-out shower can ruin even the best bathroom design. A new shower can completely transform your bathroom, turning it into a luxurious and functional space.

When replacing a shower, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to choose an efficient showerhead that will save you money on your water bill. There are many eco-friendly showerheads available that can provide a great shower experience without wasting water.

Durability is another important factor to consider. You’ll want to choose materials that will last years and resist wear and tear. Natural stone, porcelain tiles, and tempered glass are all popular choices for shower enclosures.

If you’re looking for a complete bathroom makeover, consider hiring a Grand Rapids shower replacement company. They can help you choose the right showerhead, enclosure, and other fixtures to create a bathroom you’ll love.

2. Energy-efficient upgrades

When remodeling your home, including energy-efficient changes can significantly lessen your carbon footprint and encourage a greener lifestyle. Adopting sustainability improves the environment, reduces costs in the long run, and raises the overall value of your property.

Invest in HVAC systems because they are essential for any home, especially in areas with changing weather patterns. Upgrade your HVAC system as part of your renovations to achieve the best possible temperature control and energy efficiency.

Advanced technologies are used to design modern HVAC systems to ensure effective heating and cooling while consuming the least energy. Reduced utility costs result from high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, which require less energy to offer the same degree of comfort. Programmable thermostats, which let you establish particular temperature schedules for different times of the day, contribute significantly to energy savings by maximizing energy use when necessary and minimizing it when not.

Moreover, setting the atmosphere and mood in your house requires careful consideration of lighting. When you start your renovation project, think about switching to LED lights. You can cut your energy use by up to 80% by switching to LED lights from outdated incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps. Additionally, LED bulbs come in a range of colors and brightness levels, letting you adjust the lighting in each space to suit your tastes and requirements.

3. Modernize Your Kitchen: It Is the Centre of Your House

The countertops are one of the main focus points of any kitchen makeover. Consider choosing materials that are elegant, long-lasting, and simple to maintain. For homeowners looking for a countertop material that is both stylish and functional, quartz and granite are popular options.

Quartz countertops come in various hues and designs, giving your kitchen a sleek and modern appearance. In addition, they are non-porous, making them resistant to stains and bacterial growth—a quality especially important in a space where food is prepared.

Granite countertops are recognized for their distinctive patterns and unmistakable natural beauty. Each slab is unique, giving your kitchen personality and a hint of luxury.

Also, homeowners who want to give their kitchen a completely new look can go for an “open kitchen concept.” The feeling of togetherness and connection can be improved by removing obstacles and establishing a seamless flow between the kitchen and adjacent living areas. It will also be the perfect place for gatherings and entertaining since the open-concept layout makes it simple for family members and visitors to mingle.

The kitchen is the center of every household; it is more than just a place for making food. It’s the setting for get-togethers between relatives, friendships, and the creation of priceless memories over delectable meals and meaningful talks. Therefore, be sure to put in the necessary effort to make it appear idyllic.

4. Accepting the Modern Work Lifestyle

The idea of the traditional office is evolving as remote work and flexible schedules become more prevalent. Adapting to the modern world and including areas that accommodate homeowners’ changing requirements as you plan your home upgrades is crucial. The home office and multipurpose spaces are crucial areas that require attention because they both help create a more practical and adaptable living environment.

For many people working remotely or with flexible work schedules, the home office has evolved from a luxury to a need. When you are remodeling, think about making room for a useful and inspiring home office. To increase focus and productivity, choose a place that gives seclusion and a calm setting, such as a corner or a separate room.

Put items that reflect your personality and working style in the space, such as artwork and photos. Your home office can become a place you look forward to using by adding this personal touch, giving you a sense of ownership and helping you be more productive while working remotely.


In conclusion, focusing on these four areas during your next renovations will elevate your home to new heights of comfort and functionality. You can transform your living environment by giving attention to the kitchen, creating cozy living spaces, renovating the bathroom, and doing energy-efficient upgrades.

With these improvements in place, you’ll be able to enjoy a more comfortable, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing space for years to come. So, roll up your sleeves, embark on this exciting journey, and watch your dream home come to life!