4 Decorative Painting Ideas For Your Walls

There’s more to wall painting than the feeling of fulfillment. A well-painted wall will greatly benefit your livelihood. It affects the brightness of your space positively, either by enforcing the brightness of natural lightning or deeming it or creating a decorative color effect. And while you may already have your perfect painter for the job, a professional like this insanely-skilled painter in Melbourne, these 5 decorative painting ideas shared here are great places to start from.

Stencil Painting

If you love the joy of doodling or have seen those crazy wall arts on Pinterest lately and would like to have your wall teeming in one of those, this may be the wall painting idea you’ve been dreaming all day about. While stencil wall painting can be time-consuming, less paint is required for your painter to flesh-out your dream design on the wall. You can opt for any pattern that makes you tick and even make a combination of more than two patterns. If you’re a person who is obsessively in love with blending things, you can get pattern ideas from your carpet or other elements in your space to match.

Stripes Painting

While stripes wall painting is a creatively decorative one, it is one of the fastest to achieve. The first color of paint is applied to the entire wall and then is left to dry. After that, your painter covers the painted walls in calculated stripes, using plasters or other adhesive coverings. Once that is done, the exposed stripes are coated in another blend of color that matches the previously applied color. In most cases, movers use just two colors; usually white and black. But there’s no hard-and-fast rule to this thing, baby. Go crazy and chose as many colors that speak your lifestyle.


Looking to add warmth and texture to your space? This French wall painting style may be the best for you. It is achieved by applying vertical streaks of your chosen paint to the wall to create a linen outlook. Depending on the color chosen, this style can be used to achieve various feelings in the room.


Give your space a flowery outlook with this super-easy sponging technique that will also help you to spend less. To achieve this design, your painter uses a spongy painting brush on a previously painted wall to create flower-like or rose-like patterns.