10 Signs Of A Musically Gifted Baby

Hey. y’all smart parents!

Are you having the feeling that your kid is a musical genius?

Are those tune-hummings by your ward blowing your minds away already but you’d rather see a confirmation list first?

You’re in the right place.

Right here, I will show you 7 solid signs of a musically gifted baby.

Responding To Musical Sound

This is the most common among the signs of a musical genius. Children who have musical intelligence are strongly observant of the sound around them. And like a rather sweeping through a field, whenever a musical sound pops into their listening, here are the ways they respond;

  • Singing back the songs from birds
  • Clapping or tapping at something to produce a similar sound
  • Humming or making random sounds to replicate what they have just heard

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Awareness Of Sound Quality

You read that right. This is something you can confirm through a test after noticing some other signs. While some kids will repeatedly speak out whenever a song is out of tune or not so good, playing back a track of good and bad songs intentionally for your kid to identify the good ones out of the odd ones is a way to not only confirm that your kid loves music but also that they possess a strong aura for sounds quality.

Body Movement

Ah…the power of body language. Some kids are naturally shy to directly express their feelings. But the musical genius in them can’t help it anyway. Lol. Pay attention to your child to confirm if he/she moves his/her whole body or a part of it in a motion that follows the melody of the music around them. The smallest movement that matches a beat from start to finish can be a strong sign of a shy musically gifted child.

Identifying Musical Ideas

This is not a very strong sign but a sign is a sign. Right? Because children are naturally observant and have a sharp mind with potent identification skills, almost all kids will answer you right when you ask them what song has a so-so beat or patches. But if your child does tell you what song is about to play after listening to the opening beat without you first throwing in the question, that’s a sign of a child who is honestly interested in music.

Emotional Response

Though, more generally, almost all kids are emotionally honest. While adult life can be more about bottling up our emotions or expressing our emotions secretly, children respond to their emotions openly. Yes. But if you notice a heightened emotional response to musical sounds from your child, it’s likely an inescapable love for music. Catch them young.

Attention To…

Did you just notice that your child automatically becomes more focused whenever they hear musical sounds than when they do not? As humans are naturally wired to give extra attention to what they care about or what interests them the most, your child may need an enrolment into a vocalist tutorial right away.