Comfort Additions That Every Australian Bathroom Needs To Have.

The bathroom in your home has to be able to provide you with comfort because for many, it is the one oasis that they have that allows them to lock the door behind them and get a few moments peace. Any mother will tell you that getting time to yourself is almost an impossibility, if you have young kids and they will be banging on the door the moment that you disappear into your bathroom. This is why you need to install a lock on the inside of the door as a first measure. When the kids are off to bed, this is the room where you can enjoy real comfort if you have put in the effort to create the space in the first place.

If you want a room of solace in your home and you want to experience the ultimate in comforts then the first thing that needs to be installed is a heated towel rail. There is nothing worse than emerging from a hot shower on a cold morning and trying to dry yourself off with an equally cold towel. You need to make your bathroom as comfortable as possible and so the following are some of life’s comforts that every bathroom needs.

  1. Comfortable Rugs – Most of us decide to install tiles on the floor of the bathroom for practical reasons as it is the only surface that can easily deal with wet feet and bodies. Stepping onto a cold bathroom floor however is not something that many people like to do and so a comfortable rug placed upon the tiles provides the perfect solution and may be the perfect inspiration to add more comfortable things..
  2. A walk-in shower – Having to fill up a bath with hot water is a real pain and it starts to cool down the moment that the water is in there. By the time that you get it, the water is tepid at best and it just spoils the bathing experience. A hot shower on the other hand is a different kettle of fish and you have instant, never-ending hot water until you feel clean and refreshed.
  3. Install a bidet – Using toilet rules is so old school and it is not the most hygienic thing in the world. Having a bidet that cleans everything up after a bowel movement is the ultimate in luxury and you are definitely clean when you pull up your underwear.
  4. A steam-free mirror – It is such a pain when you are trying to shave your face or apply your make-up and the mirror keeps steaming up because you have just had a hot shower. You can actually buy bathroom mirrors that don’t steam up and this has become a game changer. As with any bathroom renovation, be sure to follow local government guidelines.

There are many other different things that you can add to your bathroom so that you are really comfortable in there and the vast majority are very affordable. Take your time and look into the many additions that are available and if they are within your budget, then spoil yourself and get them. Nobody else is going to buy you that towel rail warmer unless you buy it for yourself.