Must Know Tips That Add Value To Commercial Office Space

As a commercial office building owner, you are constantly looking for ways to get the best value to your office assets. 

Managing a commercial property can come with a lot of challenges. However, once you know which upgrades can impact the space most, driving a commercial building can be a very lucrative and rewarding investment opportunity.

Below are some of the top four strategic upgrades you need to consider to improve the property and make your tenants happy. 

1. Improve The Lighting

Installing new and modern lighting in the space is one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to improve the appearance of the building. In addition, you can consider installing energy-efficient bulbs to help reduce energy costs and increase your cash flow and property value in the long term. 

Consider adding recessed LED light bulbs to maximize the light level without interfering with the visual flow of space. First, it is vital to choose the correct LED color temperature. The Kelvin value of the bulb determines the lighting temperature. A lower Kelvin value means a warmer and more yellow which produces a cozier light. On the other hand, a higher Kelvin value means the light will be bluer, usually energizing. 

2. Give Purpose To Small Spaces

Experts at explain that when it comes to commercial buildings, small spaces like corridors, hallways, and bathroom spaces can have a significant impact on an individual’s experience in the building. For example, are the aisles wide enough to fit two wheelchairs at the same time? Do you have your bathrooms in critical areas like the lobby? How about your elevators, are then they installed in the right places?

Considering these small but valuable spaces, you can provide a much better office experience for your tenants and guests. 

3. Be Energy Efficient

Office equipment is one of the fastest-growing electricity uses in commercial buildings. Therefore, you need to make your building more energy efficient to lower the utility bills and lessen your carbon footprint. 

If you have a roof, you can install solar panels as an alternative source of energy. However, you also need to think about the heating and air systems. If you haven’t upgraded them in a while, it is advisable to upgrade to the latest and energy-efficient model. 

4. Make Your Building Environmentally Friendly

In the modern market, individuals are becoming increasingly interested in the environmental impact of the commercial building they are considering.  Buyers look at the efficiency of energy, water usage, and ecological footprint. 

When making upgrades and renovations, it is essential to analyze your opportunities to harness commercial technologies such as low water-saving plumbing appliances, increased insulation, solar power, and energy-efficient light bulbs. These key components reduce your overall expense and reduce your carbon footprints. 


By thinking about the areas mentioned above when considering commercial office upgrades, you will have a dynamic and functional workspace. In addition, tenants will be more content and productive with a well-designed and upgraded office. You can also try talking to professionals like to get more strategies on how you can upgrade your commercial building.