Do You Want to Try a Fedora Hat? Here are Outfit and Hairstyle Ideas for Women

Hats are cool, but some people do not like to wear them. You may also think you are not a hat person, while hats are an essential accessory that helps build your wardrobe. You shouldn’t be afraid to wear them like your go-to jeans. Once you gain confidence, you will realize they can work with just about anything. Over time, you will learn to embrace your style more by figuring out that the right combination with outfit and hairstyle says a lot about your sense of fashion. A few ladies may never try it, but you might. After all, hats are necessary stuff. Hats can make almost any outfit more interesting. So now it’s time to start wearing them with confidence.

Begin your journey with fedoras. You can develop a custom look with these classic hats effortlessly. Here are some outfit and hairstyle ideas to go with them so you can imagine yourself in such options.

Hairstyle inspirations for fedora hats for women

The hair itself may not pose as much of an issue when it comes to wearing hats, but finding fashionable and versatile styles essential for travel can take some thought. For example, a neat side braid or French braid is great for casual or formal summer days spent at the beach or hiking through the mountains. You can opt for this style where wind can disrupt loose wavy tresses. Braids are an efficient solution because they keep hair out of your face in hot weather and look chic under any hat style, specifically fedoras. So if you have travel plans with your boyfriend, kids, or friends, you may lap up this hair look. 

Are you a fan of curls? Curls are always a decadent option when you have time to curl your locks. Women with thin hair love this hairdo as it adds volume to their limp manes, and you don’t need anything else than a curling iron to achieve this. If you decide to curl your locks, you get two options to explore with your hat. You can either wear your fedora flat on your head or slightly tip it back off. The first look will have a formal touch, and the latter will have some fun and carefree vibe to it. If you cannot make up your mind, think about the place or event you will visit. 

In the past, you had to dress up for everything, no matter what. And people took it very seriously. Shirts, pants, and shoes that matched were a given as everything had to be intentional. But if you want your outfit to express who you are, going with something off-the-cuff like a messy bun on one side is also absolutely acceptable. Pull your hair into a low bun on one side after a tiring day at the workplace to prepare for a sudden meet-up at night and throw on your hat. You might feel surprised after this last-minute move earns more compliments than usual.

Remember, you can quickly customize your hairstyles with any straw, leather, and felt women’s fedora hat. The ideas mentioned above are a small glimpse of the vast possibilities.

Dressing to go with fedora hats for women

Fedoras are one of the most crucial components a stylish outfit must include. Hats not only help you look great, but they also come with a functional purpose – keeping you warm. During the colder months, women wear pea-coats, jackets, and boots, while in summer, they prefer lightweight and breezy attire. If you’re looking to create striking yet casual ensembles, look no further than pairing your favorite fedora with leather shorts or jeans along with T-shirt, simple pumps, and attractive jewelry. You will be on top of your fashion game on that day without any doubt. 

You can wear your baggy pants, white top, statement necklace, and a colorful sweater or coat for a gorgeous winter look. Top it with a black hat for the level of elegance you wish to establish with your fashion picks. Go for a floral dress that matches your favorite fedora. During springtime, nothing can express the seasonal vibe like a floral print. Combining your hat with a pink shirt and printed tights is also a great thought. If you are in a hurry to go somewhere, you can pull your floral maxi from the closet and add your fedora too.

As you see, styling options are endless. You only have to become comfortable with your hat look, which is not huge. Once you start using it, you will not realize when it becomes an integral part of your wardrobe. You will rejoice that you made the right decision. Make sure you buy the right fedora hat type for your needs. Since plenty of good deals is available out there, you don’t have to worry about finding the proper fit.