Going Back to School After the Holidays: How to Make It Easy on Your Child

Do your kids have trouble going back to their normal routine once the winter break is over? Can you feel the tension building up as the holidays draw to a close? This is a feeling familiar to most parents. Christmastime is full of excitement and it’s many children’s favorite part of the year. But January puts an end to all the fun and games, making your little ones restless and cranky.

Once all the presents are opened and all the decorations are taken down, both you and your kids have to face the return to your usual schedule. It’s only normal to feel a little sluggish after the holidays, but with these practical tips, your children will be ready and happy to go back to school.

1. Don’t turn the routine upside down completely 

If you keep your routine as normal as possible, you won’t have to worry about turning it around completely when the time comes. While it’s normal to stay up a bit later during the holidays, try to minimize the disturbances in their daily rhythm. Also, while they may be allowed more screen time, it’s best if they still play games or watch TV in moderation. Follow their typical meal schedules if possible, too. This way, holidays will still feel kind of like a normal day, only better, and the transition won’t be as challenging.

2. Make sure they get enough sleep

While it may be tempting to let your kids stay up late and sleep all morning, try not to make a habit out of it. Even though they don’t get to stay up and play computer games till the early hours, you can still make bedtime feel special and Christmass-y. Create a relaxing atmosphere with sparkling holiday lights, then cuddle up together to watch a movie and read a Christmas story. By keeping their bedtime routine consistent, they’ll have less trouble snapping back into their school day routine.

3. Go back to healthy, balanced meals

Everyone loves enjoying delicious, high-calorie meals during the holidays. Christmas means feasting on tasty treats and kids are especially eager to dive into all the junk food and candy. However, this means that you’ll probably have problems weaning them off it once the holidays end. Try serving them wholefoods as much as you can and balance out the high-sugar, high-fat snacks with plenty of healthy greens. They’ll be more energetic at the end of the school break and have no problem readjusting.

4. Keep them physically active

The more active they stay, the better. They won’t be as sluggish and out of focus as they would be if they just lay around all day staring at their screens. While school breaks are definitely times to slow down a little, kids can still spend some of their time staying active. Go for a walk, have a family dance-off at home, or take them to a cool indoor playground like Uptown Jungle in Henderson, where they’ll work out in a safe and age-appropriate environment

5. Encourage them to brush up on their skills

Kids should stay physically active, but their minds shouldn’t be idle either. The fact that school’s out doesn’t mean that children shouldn’t have fun learning experiences. You can still find ways to practice their hard-earned skills. This will help them pick up where they left off once they go back to school again. You can try making fun quizzes, organizing your own spelling bee, or playing educational online games. Get creative and make it enjoyable so it still feels like the holidays.