Essential gardening tools homeowners should have

Gardening can be a difficult hobby or task to start, especially if you are trying it for the first time or as a beginner. Ranging from setting out the farm to basic garden operations, tools are vital for successful and effective gardening.

But what are the essential gardening tools you need to have, and how do you select them? Continue reading the post for answers to these questions.

What are garden tools?

A garden tool is a category of tools made for landscaping and gardening. Garden tools overlap with some of the agricultural and horticultural tools, and they can be divided into power tools and hand tools.

Here are the essential garden tools you need to know:

1. Garden hand gloves

While gardening is a fulfilling hobby with a lot of benefits like food security, it can turn into a splintery and thorny venture if you don’t have a good pair of gloves. Consider the following factors when selecting gloves;

  • Durable but not bulky.
  • Perfectly fitting.
  • Breathable and water-resistant fabrics for cool and comfortable hands.
  • Longer cuffs to protect the wrist from injuries and prevent soil and debris from getting in the hands.
  • Ensure you keep the gloves away from sunlight, water, and insects.

2. Garden fork, trowel, and weeder set

The ergonomic garden fork and hand trowel are important tools for home gardening. In most cases, you will be making small holes for planting, so they are the ideal tools for the task.

These hand tools are fit for most jobs that are done in the garden, from planting, weeding, and maintenance to harvesting. Furthermore, owing to their versatility, these tools are much more economical; hence they are safe for beginners.

3. Hand rake

Also called ground rake, this is a hand tool that is designed with metal tines and is used to level the soil and create a beautifully flat seedbed or smooth out the compost.

Rakes are also used to clean leaves from lawns, and it is advised to clean with the winds when using rakes to remove leaves from the garden.

4. Garden hose with an adjustable hose

Water is the engine of your garden, and it is important to ensure that the water pipe can reach every part of the garden for effective watering. Having a good adjustable nozzle allows you to control the pressure and the radius of spray.

Remember to:

  • Know the size of your garden to know the exact length of hose you will need.
  • Store the hose when coiled and put away from sunlight. Avoid storing with kinks in them as this will create weak spots.

5. Hoe

Hoes are essential for garden and flower bed preparations and cutting out weeds. The type of your garden and the plants in it will determine the type of hoe that is best for you. If you have a vegetable garden, then a strong, wide hoe is ideal for you.

But for a perennial garden that requires keenness, a thinner hoe may be best. Always look for hoes with:

  • Comfortable handles and long reach.
  • A shaper blade for easy use.
  • Flat hoes for effective turning of the soil.

6. Garden tool tote bag

This is where all garden tools are kept. From spare parts, plant labels, and sharpeners to your first aid kit, every small essentials should be put here to avoid their loss.

Furthermore, this bag allows you to carry all your small farm essentials and still act as the harvesting bag. It comes in handy when you walk around the garden and find ripe produce that needs harvesting.

Having safety emergency tools in a single convenient location is also helpful as you will not wander around or have a hard time accessing your first aid kit.


So here you have them, six essential gardening tools every new gardener should have. Always ensure you got a garden hose with adjustable reels, hand gloves long enough for protection, a hoe, garden fork, trowel and weeder set, and a garden tote bag.

There is always a chance to continue learning and gaining skills as a beginner in matters of home gardening. Create time to research best practices and tools as you expand your garden.