Five Most Dangerous Spiders You Should Know

Spiders are among the major classes of pests that most homeowners deal with. Spiders take up a lot of spaces in the home, leaving cobwebs in the corner of rooms and bathrooms. While most spiders are largely harmless and even helpful in getting rid of other pets, there are dangerous spiders that pose a threat to your well-being. Below are the five most dangerous spiders you should know.

  • The Brazilian Wandering Spider: Quite similar to the North American Wolf spider, the Brazilian Wandering spider is a giant brown spider. This spider is considered to be the most dangerous spider in the whole world. Its poison is very potent being the most neurologically active poison of any spider globally. To make it worse, the Brazilian Wandering spider is a very agile hunter, as they move around a lot to find prey. The bite of this spider is very painful and can result in muscle shock in humans. They bite whenever they feel threatened by anything.
  • The Black Widow Spider: As the name suggests, the black widow spider has a black color. They have a glossy appearance to complete their outlook. While their body is black, black widow spiders have an hourglass shape at the bottom of their abdomen that is red. black widow spiders have different characteristics based on gender. Male black widow spiders rarely bite, while their female counterparts are more aggressive. Female black widow spiders usually bite in defense whenever they feel that their eggs are not safe. Black widow spider bites cause excruciating pains that last up to three hours. The bite can cause fever, vomiting, sweating, and increased blood pressure.
  • The Brown Recluse Spider: These spiders have a dark brown color with a dark brown violin mark on their back. The brown recluse spider usually bites in defense of a threat. A bite from this spider causes a stinging feeling which comes with side effects. These side effects include insomnia, fever, and anxiety. The bite can result in a sore if it is not taken care of.
  • The Six-Eyed Sand Spider: This species of spiders are typically found in deserts as well as sandy regions in South America. Six-eyed Sans spiders are medium-sized measuring about two inches. While bites from this species of spider are rare on humans, it is known to be fatal to rabbits.
  • The Wolf Spider: Dark brown spiders with long, spiny legs, wolf spiders are commonly found in the United States of America. Wolf spiders are also hairy, making their appearance frightening to people. Wolf spiders rarely bite unless they feel threatened.

It is very easy to dismiss any of these dangerous spiders as being regular spiders, whenever you find them in your home. This is why it is important to contact pest control if you come across any strange spider in any area of your house. They will be sure to check and confirm the species. Click here to learn more about dangerous spiders.