How Covid-19 affecting bars and restaurants?

There is no doubt that covid-19 has badly affected the entire world and almost all the businesses. Among all the businesses, it has been observed that covid-19 has affected the bars and restaurants industry badly. This covid-19 has compelled the government to put a strict lockdown all over the country.

This strict lockdown due to the pandemic restricted the restaurants and bars to operate with less number of employees. Moreover, it has become so difficult for the restaurant owners to remunerate their employees online and take away orders. Since, the number of orders has also seen to be reduced as the pandemic strikes the country more and more.

In fact people are scared of visiting a bar or restaurants. That’s why lot’s of people are trying new recipes at home. It was noticed that the sale of home appliances and ice makers for home are increasing on the various e-commerce portals.

Covid-19 enhances the cost

This covid-19 pandemic has not been affecting the industry in India only but outside India as well. Although there is no visible evidence that the covid-19 virus spreads from food, still a large number of the population chooses to avoid consuming food from the restaurants.

There is also a fact that covid-19 pandemic has also reduced the cost of restaurants and bars. It has increased the cost with respect to providing masks, sanitizers to the staff and enhanced material for the safe packing of food for the customers.

It is believed that even if the virus spreads from food and the food is properly cooked at temperature at or above 70 degree Celsius, it is sure that there is no bacteria and virus present in that meal.

According to a recent study, it has been observed that around 64% of businessmen feel hopeful for the future about their restaurant and bar business. The owners have a hope that the situation will be better very soon and they will be able to serve the customers on tables. This covid-19 pandemic compelled the entire food industry especially restaurants and bars to close down to minimize the spread of virus.

A considerable change in the way of working

Moreover, there has been a significant change in the way of working both in the restaurants and bars. Previously, employees were seen to work freely without any restrictions. But now, the entire food industry and employees are required and advised to work by adopting all the safety measures.

Now, employees have to work round the clock with their faces covered with masks, gloves on their hands and caps on their hands. Moreover, restaurant owners have to get their kitchens and dining areas sanitized from time to time to avoid and minimize the risk of viruses up to a considerable extent. Apart from this, employees are also compelled to change their masks and gloves at different intervals in the same day.

Precautions to be taken

Once the dining services get started, precautions are certainly to be taken by all the restaurants and bars owners’ operating in the world.

  • Food to be cooked at or above 70 degree Celsius, hence the virus kills by itself, if there is any possibility.
  • Buffets in parties and buffet dinner must be compulsorily avoided as it gathers a lot of people together at the same Hence, having done so may enhance the risk of virus up to a maximum extent.
  • The distance between the two chairs must be at least 1 meter apart from each other.
  • There must be enough facilities with regards to masks and hand sanitizers for the customers and the staff. The customers must be reminded on the entrance and exit to wash their hands properly.
  • Masks must also be made mandatory.

Limited staff and unemployment

Now-a-days, due to the ongoing situation due to covid-19 pandemic, mostly a large number of restaurants and bars are operating with only 50% capacity. The restaurants and bars that operate even late nights are required to hire new employees since it will be difficult for the same staff to work round the clock even in the late night.

Whereas, we can easily understand that the bars and restaurants that are currently operating with 50% capacity causing unemployment for the rest of the employees who have been either fired or have been asked to work somewhere or take off till the situation gets back to normal or like before covid-19.

To Conclude

So, with the present scenario, it can be easily understood that it seems challenging for the restaurant and bar owners to operate their businesses and cope up with this “never ever seen before” market trend and uncontrollable situations. Now, even a slight cold is never overlooked and finally causes difficulty for the employee.

So, more care and attention is needed to properly run the restaurants and bars these days. Even a small negligence can be dangerous for anyone as it can increase the risk of coronavirus. So, be safe and do safe.