How To Maintain All Generator Types

Before deciding to get a generator, it’s advisable to research the different types of generators available in the market so as to know which type of generator to go for, because different types of generators perform different functions, this is the reason why you need to know about generators.

There are various types and brands of generators available in the market today, different generators are majorly designed for specific purposes, some are designed for industrial use, commercial use, or household use. This is why the activity you want to use a generator for will determine the type of generator to go for.

Types of generators

The following are some of the most popular types of generators 

Solar generator: this type of generator gets its power supply from the sun, it generates the power through solar panels, then stores it into batteries and converts it into electrical power. They are very quiet when in use, unlike other common generators.

Inverter generator: they are also as quiet as solar generators, it provides a high power input, and they are more fuel-efficient than the diesel or gas-based generators.

Portable generator: this is one of the common types of generators, they are mostly liked because of their portability, and even as portable as they are they function really well and are able to provide power supply to major household appliances.

Diesel generator: they run on both diesel engines and an electric generator, they produce an efficient power supply and are quite durable and require little maintenance.

Standby generator: they are also one of the most common and most used generators, they are loved because of their ability to automatically startup after a power outage. They are mostly used in case of emergencies

Now to the main point of the article;

How to maintain your generator

Getting a generator is one thing, maintaining it is another thing, as this would also determine how long it would last. You should be able to take care of your generator the way you take care of other household appliances. Generator maintenance will require inspecting the generator on a regular basis, you have to check the battery, the engine, cables, coolant, oil, and terminals and also make sure you check for any leaks, a leaking generator is highly risky which is why it is advisable to inspect your generators regularly.

Things to look out for when inspecting your generators

Battery: generators batteries easily lose their capacity and in turn starts performing poorly, it is advisable to discover this early before it starts affecting the generator.

The filters: as often as you use your generators it’s very likely to get particles and dirt in it which might obstruct the fuel passage, this is why you need to clean it regularly.

The cooling system: if you use your generator a lot you also have to look out for your generator coolant level.

Regular testing: if you don’t use your generators regularly, it is advisable to test run them occasionally, irregular usage won’t let you detect early signs of any fault.