Interesting Facts about Flowers You Didn’t Know

Flowers are the most beautiful part of nature and an essential part of any important event. With their beauty and lovely scent, flowers have beguiled humans for centuries. Some flowers even have religious and historical significance, for example, Lotus. Historically, flowers have had a significant role in human society and were used for different things. From symbolizing emotions to helping in healing diseases, flowers have always helped us. 

Today, flowers are primarily used to communicate emotions like love, friendship, gratefulness, and apologizing. Meanwhile, check out bestaustraliancasinosites to learn more about the best online casinos in Australia. 

Little Known Facts about Flowers 

1. Origin of Flowers on Earth 

Flowers only emerged around 140 million years ago; before that, ferns and cone-bearing trees were all over the earth. Flowers were first discovered on earth during the Cretaceous period, which is a relatively recent era according to geological time, i.e., if the history of the world was compressed in one hour, flowers only started existing ten seconds ago. The early clues of the origin of flowers are reportedly found on an island named New Caledonia, situated around 1600 km away from Australia. 

2. Tulips Were Once More Valuable Than Gold

In the 17th century, the price of tulips raised so much that they became more valuable than gold. The reason behind this rise in price was the wealthy Dutch people who went crazy for these flowers. This era when tulips got extremely expensive is also known as “Tulip mania.” 

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3. Not All Flowers Smell Good 

Also known as the “Corpse Flower,” Sumatran Titan Arum is known as the smelliest flower in the world. When this flower blooms, its buds give out an odor that smells almost like a dead body. A corpse flower may look like an interesting one. However, it’s hard to say if anyone would ever dare to give someone a corpse flower as a gift. Moreover, the corpse flower is also the largest in the world, with a height of ten feet and a width of three feet. 

4. Roses Were Not Always the Symbol of Love

Before roses, it was tulips that were given to show affection and love towards someone in Russia. It hasn’t been too long since roses took the place of tulips and became the symbol of love.

5. There is a Flower That is Considered Unlucky 

Can you ever imagine that a beautiful flower can be considered unlucky? Neither can us. But in Malta and some European nations such as Italy, Belgium, Austria, and France, the flowers of Chrysanthemums are associated with death and funerals, which is why they are considered unlucky. These flowers are presented as a token of grief, comfort, and bereavement in these countries. 

6. Wild Thistle is a Savior Flower 

Hundreds of years ago, when Vikings were to invade Scotland, the patches of wild thistles were the reason they were slowed, giving the scots enough time to escape and save their lives. Because of this incident, the wild thistle was later named the national flower of Scotland.

7. Magical Dandelions 


Most people know dandelions as weed; however, these flowers have a lot more to offer than you think. Dandelions are a great source of iron, vitamin A & C, potassium, and calcium. One full cup of dandelion greens consists of 7,000 to 13,000 IU (international unit) of Vitamin A. 

8. Gladiolus’ Name Comes From an Interesting Source 

Gladiolus was named “Gladiolus” because of its resemblance with the gladiator’s sword. The scientist who named this flower named it after the Latin word “Gladius,” which means “sword.” 

9. Roses have Thousands of Species 

There are around 270,000 or more species of flowers that exist in the world at the current time. Out of these, about 35,000 species are of rose alone, which is the most popular and gifted flower in the world. Roses were brought to North America by a French explorer named Samuel de Champlain, and he is said to be the first person who ever delivered roses. 

10. The Mother of Flowers 

The oldest fossil of a flower is named Archefructus Sinesis, and it is also called “The mother of flowers.” According to scientists, this fossil was found in 2002 in China, and the flower must have bloomed around 125 million years ago. 

11. Lotus the Holy Flower 

In ancient Egypt, Lotus was considered a sacred and holy flower. The Egyptians used to be quite passionate about it and considered Lotus a symbol of resurrection. The reason behind this was the ability of this flower to lie dormant for years when droughts hit and blooming when the land became damp again. They even used this flower during burials. 

12. The Century Plant 

Agave is known as “the century plant” because it stays alive for years and doesn’t grow any flowers. However, when it is about to die, it produces one single flower and dies later on. 

13. Almost all Famous Flowers Symbolize Something

All the popular flowers around the world symbolize something. For example, daisies are considered a symbol of innocence, rosemary represents remembrance, and begonia symbolizes deep thinking. And usually, an inverted flower means the opposite of what that flower symbolizes. 

14. You Can Use Tulip Bulbs Instead of Onions for Making Food

Tulip bulbs and onions taste almost the same, which is why they can be used in place of onions, and no one will be able to tell the difference. 

15. Did you Think Broccoli is a Vegetable?

We thought Broccoli was a vegetable, but it turns out that it is technically a flower. The Brassica family also includes cabbages and cauliflowers. It is known as a vegetable because of its harvest period that doesn’t align with the blooming of flower buds. 

16. The Abnormal Blooming Pattern of Moonflowers 

Almost all flowers need sunshine to bloom and thrive, but moonflowers are different. These flowers have a unique blooming pattern; they open in the evening and bloom in the moonlight at night. 

17. Sunflowers Have Been Saving Lives for Years 


The only interesting fact that most people know about sunflowers is their ability to change direction with the sun’s direction. However, there is more to this flower. For years, sunflower stems have been used for filling life jackets because their roots can remove up to 95% of the radioactive contaminants.

18. The Gas Plants 

Dictamnus Albus

Dictamnus Albus is known as the gas plant. The name comes from the ability of its flowers to release a lemon-like scent. There are other gas plants too, but Dictamnus is the most popular among them. These plants are also known as burning bush because the gas they release is believed to be flammable. 


There is a lot of information about flowers that is still unknown or undiscovered. However, if we look through the available information, we can tell that there is much more to nature than we believe or see.