Guide to the Romance of Flowers

Flowers have enjoyed a position of romantic significance for quite a long time now. Even centuries back, these colorful and fragrant plants were handed around between loved ones as tokens of either romance or well wishing. Young and old couples alike exchange bouquets of flowers as a silent way of expressing their love while family members place them beside sick loved ones as a token of good faith.

Given that flowers have such a long record of being used for the above-mentioned purposes, some flowers have taken on meanings of their own within this context. People spend minutes on end agonizing in front of a flower stand, going over each kind of flower or bouquet carefully, trying to make sure they make the strongest impression possible on the recipient. So let’s discuss the different kinds of flowers out there and which one suits which situation the best.

Flowers to Signify Romantic Love

Flowers to Signify Romantic Love

Chances are you’re most likely here because you’re curious about what flowers to present to that special someone. Signifying romantic attraction is the number one reason flowers are exchanged between people. So, what kind of flowers should you be bothering with in this case?

The Red Rose: The red rose is, without a doubt, the official flower of love. From romantic movies to art focused on love, red roses are universally recognized as the choice of flower for telling someone that you love them. Bouquets of red roses look stunningly pretty, and make for an excellent and very clear balloons gift for a special night. It doesn’t hurt that they smell wonderful too. You can find red roses being used all around the globe in all kinds of different cultures; from being presented directly, to being showered on newly-wed couples, to being caught in the teeth by dancers. Red roses are the flowers for you if you’re young and passionately in love.

Peonies: If you want to be a little more creative, or you simply feel like your love is greater than a newly-found infatuation, peonies might be the way to go. Peonies don’t pack the passionate love punch red roses do, instead opting for a more subtle expression of love. If you want to tell someone that they are not just your object of desire, but everything you crave and then some, the beautiful peonies have got you covered. A bouquet of these charming flowers doesn’t stand out like red roses, but it definitely lifts the mood of the entire room and leads to a much more relaxed, but not any less romantic, evening.

Tulips: Tulips are often just as popular a choice as roses. They have the sharply defined features that make roses distinct, and their narrow faces coupled with their long stems make them a striking piece in any room. There are multiple ways you can go about gifting someone tulips; a bouquet of red tulips screams your passion for that relationship, while a bouquet of purple ones tells your significant other that they are the most important thing in your life. And if you’re not the young lover you once were, and are looking to celebrate an anniversary, a bouquet of a collection of different colored tulips is an adorably cute gift.

Carnations: If you’ve just fallen in love, or are simply obsessed with your significant other, carnations are a nice choice of flowers. Carnations have a mixture of tightly curved petals like roses and tulips, and some open ones like peonies and other softer flowers. This makes carnations one of the most generic, yet also one of the most unique flowers to give to someone. It’s simple really; if your partner makes you so happy that you’re always over the moon or on cloud 9, carnations will tell them just how much they mean to you and how much they positively impact your life. Appropriately enough, a bouquet of carnations spills out in every direction like your unbounding love for your loved one.

Flowers to Signify Happiness and Positivity

Flowers to Signify Happiness and Positivity

Of course, romantic attraction and the passion of life aren’t the only things you can award flowers for. Flowers are present in parks all around the world and are used in many different festivals in all kinds of cultures, simply because of the fact that their attractive colors and addictive fragrances breathe new life into people. So, if you’re about to visit family or are visiting a loved one in hospital, these are some of the flower types you should consider taking along with you.

Sunflowers: It should come as no surprise that sunflowers make the list. If there was ever a flower that screamed happiness, it was the sunflower. Bright and sunny just like its name, sunflowers instantly light up any room they’re brought into. Sunflowers fields are beautiful and charming places, and the presence of sunflowers in a room invokes the same feelings as that of frolicking through a field of one. Take sunflowers with you if you’re going to visit family or friends, and you’ll be sure to make them and everyone else present there really happy.

Chrysanthemums: Chrysanthemums are one of the cheeriest and most beautiful flowers around. They come in a diverse array of colors, and each different shade looks gorgeous in its own way. A bouquet of a select color, or a combination of multiple different ones, looks positively delightful. Chrysanthemums are also pretty big, which goes really well with their popping colors. A bouquet of these giant flowers takes up space and attracts everyone’s attention as soon as they enter the room. These flowers make for great gifts both for visiting family on holiday or visiting loved ones in hospital, as they’re sure to bring a wide smile to whoever the recipient is.

Casa Blanca Lilies: Lilies come in different types, shapes, sizes, and colors. But perhaps the most attractive one is none other than the Casa Blanca lilies. If there is one word that would describe these flowers, it would have to be ‘elegant’. Their striking shapes with the pointed petals, the mouth opening up as it rises, and the male and female stems rising out of the center, all make for a dazzling package that improves the look of any room they’re in. Be it your partner, your family or friends, or a relative in hospital, these flowers make for excellent gifts simply because they’re so good looking that everyone would keep turning their heads to get a second look.

Daisies: Daisies are much like sunflowers; they’re wide and have petals shaped like sunflowers, and they also have large centers. Only this time, instead of being bright yellow, they’re a lovely white. And like sunflowers, daisies have also been traditionally used to represent joy, purity, and innocence. So if you want to remind someone of the good old carefree days you spent as a child, it’s your pick between sunflowers or daisies. You can’t go wrong with either.


All flowers are beautiful in their own way, and which ones you ultimately end up deciding to get is entirely up to you. Nevertheless, we hope this post was at least able to somewhat clear your mind regarding flowers, and that it made the decision easier. No choice is a wrong one, unless of course, if the recipient is allergic. So don’t be shy, you’ve got it in you. Nobody dislikes a present, especially not something as heartfelt and genuine as a bunch of freshly picked flowers.