Meet Carly Russ, the Model-Rocker with White Hot Micro-Bangs

Carly Russ is a musician, model, and CEO of the Vintage Valentine. This Chicago-born model also goes with the name Cici Valentine. After moving to Las Angeles, her creative and professional outputs created a bond between music and fashion, as her lifelong pursuit has been to unite her passions.

Her bleached blond hair, the slightly feathered fringe, and charming stage presence are the reasons why Carly Russ is quickly becoming Beautycareinside‘s favorite. It is no surprise that the biggest idol of the musician-model is Debbie Harry, the pioneer of punk. But, although her attitude, look, and essentially her roller coaster love life is somewhat similar to Debbie, this 25 years old is still an exclusive powerhouse.

She formed a band of folk-rock genre, called Girlyboi, with her 27 years old long-time boyfriend Joseph Matick. This band was highly endorsed by Hedi Slimane and launched its debut album in early 2018, known as Lady of the Way. In an interview Carly Russ explained why they chose such an androgynous name. She said we wanted to defy the conventional gender stereotypes and role. According to the young rocker, rules neither exist in music nor in her personal life. That was particularly the vibe she wanted to create. We at Beautycareinside are impressed and in awe by her creative decision.

Killer Combination of beauty and vocals

In 2015, the Midwest and Angelinos joined their forces. Since then, this talented girl has been stirring the pot of indie music. According to Beautycareinside , her supernatural beauty and ethereal vocals are a killer combination. Her pyramid cheekbones and razor-sharp almond gaze are to die for. She also got some incredibly cool makeup and hair tricks. Her distinctive hot-micro bangs are a fan favorite. She was 19 when she got them. It was a happy accident. So actually she slept with gum in her mouth and overnight the gum became stuck with her hair. She laughingly recalled that memory in the press. It was then when she got killer bangs and found their sweet spot, which was cm above her eyebrows.

Just like Beyoncé and Beth Ditto showcased the power of rebellious baby bangs, Russ’s bangs also signify a beauty trailblazer. According to her hairstylist, unkempt hair is a quintessential rock star style that is why Russ uses her blow dryer to smooth her bangs out. Then, a straightener is used for creating a subtle bend, and then she completely lets her hair loose. For an extra morning gift to her hair, Carly Russ revealed her secret product, which was Joico’s Hair Shake Liquid-To-Powder Texturizer. To this hair equation, sweat is always a comfortable addition. Whether it is because of hot LA days or due to sweltering onstage lights, it doesn’t bother the rock star. Carly proudly says that she loves her adorable bangs and won’t change them for the world.

Loves to do her makeup for performances

Coming towards her makeup, Beautycareinside recently came to know that the talented musician likes to do her makeup for performances. She pairs a graphic eye look with her icy bangs. She wavers between a saturated arc of vivid eyeshade from the Magnetic Quads Colour Shadow from Gucci in Ocean Rhapsody or Smoky Amethyst or an exaggerated jet cat-eye drawn on with the Eye Marker from the Yves Saint Laurent.

Manuka Honey

Even though her goddess-like complexion is enviable, she is still prone to flare-ups when she is touring non-stop for several months. For all the curious readers, Beautycareinside found out how her spot treats her blemishes. Carly swears on her life for Manuka honey. Just a pea-sized drop of this medical-grade honey and the flare-up disappear the very next day. She also revealed that she has been a fan of the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for a long time. She often masks together with Matick to get fresh and glowing skin.

A couple that braids together, plays, masks together, surely stays together

This is not the only beauty ritual that this couple has, Carly also helps Joseph with his chest-grazing, jet-black hair. She either ties them in a stylish top knot or weaves them into cool plaits. She totally digs men wearing braided pigtails and always enjoys styling her boyfriend’s hair.

Vintage Valentine: Special dresses for Special Events

If you were not impressed by this talented powerhouse until now (we know that’s not the case), then you surely will be after knowing that she also runs Vintage Valentine. It all started when she was a little girl and she used to snoop around a “costumes” bag that her parents had because she loved to dress up in unique and different styles. Now when she recalls, it was her grandmother’s vintage clothing that became her inspiration.

Carly always got ecstatic after scoring a perfect vintage clothing piece at Goodwill or Salvation Army. This sparred a passion inside her and she just couldn’t keep it inside. When she gave birth to Vintage Valentine, she wanted to stock special dresses that different people can wear for their special events, whether it’s a wedding or some fashion event. Vintage Valentine pieces feature puffy sleeves, animal prints, gold embroider, heart prints, and puffy sleeves. Beautycareinside thinks that this brand appeals to all those men and women who desire to stand out from the crowd. Basically, the Vintage Valentine’s concept is like dressing up for Valentines’ Day. The dress is inspired by the previous eras of the 90s, 80s, or 70s when people used to dress extra and looked amazing.