Urban Expectations

We live in a world where the possibilities are endless. Instead of being closed into one box or other and not being able to change the way we live in an urban setting, the average person, with the guidance of the internet, can take inspiration from their favorite influencers and find a new way of urban living.

The Changing Urban Landscape

The life of an urban city dweller used to be limited to living indoors, not being able to do things like go for a stroll or grow a garden, and many people were so caught up in the cycle of getting up and going to work every day that they were greatly limited in what they can do. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how everyone lives, the urban city dweller has seen the most changes by far.

Urban life is now more affluent, more devoted to finding ways to do things that were previously impossible in a city setting, and making a difference in how we live so that our lives are as full as possible. Being limited to our homes these past months has challenged the way we live and has forced us to find new ways of living and new ways of occupying our time. More and more people are becoming more resourceful and using the space they have been given to do unexpected things.

More people, even influencers who were once so concerned with money and making themselves look as great as possible, have jumped on the trend of sustainability and trying to make a difference in our world and their impact on the environment. Self-sustainability is something that many people struggle with, especially those that are in an urban setting, but with the proper determination and the right drive, anyone can be sustainable, even those that are in the city and that might be pressed for space.

How to Become More Sustainable

There are some fundamental changes that you can make to help make your urban journey a bit more sustainable. The first is, of course, to find a way and a place to start growing some food. This can be a window box with herbs, some pots on your patio, or even a small garden if you have space, and if you do take the time to find these spaces, you can start growing your food, you can relax, and you can begin to have a positive impact.

Doing things like growing your food not only helps you to be more sustainable on your own, it can also offer you a chance to relax, a chance to unwind, and it can be so much fun.