Tips for Peeling Tricky Root Crops and Vegetables

Tips for Peeling Tricky Root Crops and Vegetables

Introduction There is no denying the fact that increasing the number of fruits and vegetables you consume can be beneficial to your health. However, the question of whether it is preferable to consume these fruits and vegetables with or without the shell is frequently debated.  Peels are typically thrown away for a … Read more

The Importance of Flowers in Weddings

The Importance of Flowers in Weddings

Since the ancient Romans began to carry and wear floral garlands to their weddings as a symbol of fertility, fidelity, and new beginnings, flowers have played a significant role in bridal fashion, but flowers play several roles back in history. One of the many beliefs of having flowers during weddings was to … Read more

Prepping Your Golf Cart for Farm Use

Wheel options must be considered if you opt to upgrade your golf cart to farm use.

Contrary to popular belief, golf carts are not small, lightweight vehicles that are primarily used for transporting golfers from one hole to the next on manicured golf courses. Since their inception, these vehicles have undergone significant development and are today utilized by numerous people to facilitate their leisure and employment activities. Golf … Read more

Make Pillar Candles Using Soy Wax

Candle-making transformed tremendously through time.

Throughout history, candle making evolved independently in many different locations. Romans began producing dipped candles made of tallow around 500 BCE. Candle molding equipment in Indonesia was in circa 1920. Candles made of whale fat were first documented in China during the Qin Dynasty of 221-206 BCE. For candles in temples, cinnamon … Read more

The Health Benefits of Giving Olive Oil to Chickens

There are numerous health benefits to giving olive oil to your chickens

Olive oil can be used to treat both humans and animals in addition to cooking. Since ancient times, people have used olive oil as a cosmetic and to speed up skin recovery. The Romans used it as a moisturizer after bathing, while the ancient Egyptians employed it as an anti-wrinkle potion. Olive … Read more

What Is the Best Seed Starter Mix You Can Make at Home?

What Is the Best Seed Starter Mix You Can Make at Home

Sowing the first batch of seeds is always overwhelming! For a successful venture, you need to get your hands on all the significant ingredients used in creating a healthy base. In short, the best seed starting mix! While purchasing starter mix from a nursery, you will conclude two things: 1. The prices … Read more

Knowing How to Care for Water Kefir Grains for Long Term Use

Knowing How to Care for Water Kefir Grains for Long Term Use

Who doesn’t want to know about the effervescent, delicious, fruit-infused beverage that has amazing health benefits? Water kefir it is! This powerful drink is a great source of healthy probiotics that can clear the skin, heal the gut and energize the body. Apart from this, water kefir is also known for building … Read more

Ways to Preserve a Bumper Crop of Broccoli

Ways to Preserve a Bumper Crop of Broccoli

Broccoli is a famous plant that many people like, especially those with a big garden, and harvest more broccoli than they eat. It can only be kept fresh in the refrigerator for a long because it is a vegetable grown in hard and cold weather. It is usually held on ice until … Read more

Small Space Living: Alternatives to Compost


Do you believe that compositing is only for people with large yards and sprawling gardens? Think again! The recycling of organic materials to produce finished compost is literally a complicated process. However, you don’t require a lot of space to make it happen! The good news is that; compositing is not restricted … Read more