What Welding Tools Are Must for Cutting A Metal?

If you are a beginner, many questions may be rolling in your mind relating to metal cutting. Do not panic, every pro handyman had been a beginner at once. Most beginners know that there are oodles of varieties in welding tools and thus the confusion of what to choose. We have a checklist of welding tools that you must be familiar to and some explanation on their features as well.

If you have any confusion of using these or buying these, you may check our other articles or simply connect with the store directly for more related information. If you wish to learn welding, you need to catch hold of a professional or refer to the manuals that are easily available at the market.

Welding Tools are

1. Welding magnets

These are most essential if you wish to look for fabrication of metals. It is because these are highly versatile. You can perform any of your DIY projects. Welding magnets are available in various sizes. Such magnets are economical and you may get it at the store easily.

2. Speed square

The speed square is one of the basics beginner tools for cutting metals. These are needed when you have to cut for instance 12 inches of metal from a long piece. One of the major reasons why beginners buy it is because it is simply to use and safe on metals.

3. Metal file

Lot of unwanted metal burrs need to be removed while you are cutting metals. Thus, you need a metal file to finish your project smoothly. It is like a whole metal cleaning with nice finishing. It is worth the purchase if you get used to it.

4. Welding gloves

You don’t wish to fall for any injury, do you? These are thick welding gloves highly recommended for beginners. You cannot risk your fingers using any tool cutting object. Thick hand gloves help in picking up hot metals with ease and prevent your fingers from burning. Some beginners who have some knowledge also choose thin leather gloves over thick. However, technically, you must go for thick hand gloves.

5. Welding helmet

No beginner or professional can work on metal objects without a proper auto-dark welding helmet. Always choose a helmet that has feature of auto darkening at the time of welding; you cannot risk your eyes with the sparks that fly while welding any metal object. Varied varieties of user friendly helmets are available at the online store. Choose the one that fits your budget and requirement.

6. Clamps for welding

Welding clamps are also highly essential for any beginner welder. You cannot think of starting any project without a welding clamp. One of the major uses of these clamps is when you have to fit the metal pieces tightly. You cannot think of working of metal pieces and tightening them without these in your toolbox.

Few more tools that every beginner must have for welding are a metal brush, MIG pliers, angle grinder, safety glasses, C Clamps, chipping hammer, and more… Find out more about these tools and their prices online.